Anne Hathaway's Latest Movie Eileen Is The Psychological Thriller You Can't Miss

Seeing as Anne doesn’t play the title character, but rather the mysterious, beguiling, potentially dangerous support, she has described that her performance was all about “bringing main character energy to a supporting part — and having that translate.”

She has also spoken about the complexity of her character Rebecca: “The idea of playing someone who was delusional, but blind to their own delusions or how they come across — that’s when it got really, really juicy for me.”

Anne has given glowing reviews to the film, outside of her own performance, like the classy lady we know she is. “It’s one of my favourite things I’ve ever been in,” she said to Vanity Fair. “Even if I wasn’t in it, it’d be one of my favourite things I’ve seen in ages.”

Completely understandably, Thomasin has completely fangirled about working with Anne, describing how it fed into their dynamic on screen.

“I think one of my favourite films of all time is The Princess Diaries, so meeting Anne, I was pretty starstruck, to be honest,” she said. “That really worked in my favour. My personal perspective of Anne matched Eileen’s relationship with Rebecca… in a much less extreme and disturbed way.

“Eileen has no positive female influences in her life. That’s why she really latched on to Rebecca. It’s a chance at some connection.”

When will Eileen be released?

It’s out in cinemas from 1 December.

Is there a trailer for Eileen?

Yes there is – and it’s the perfect combination of spine-tingling and seductive, in our opinion.