Animal Crossing: New Horizons Joy-Cons and dock to be sold separately in Japan

Hopefully, Nintendo will make these available in the West too (Pic: Nintendo)

The upcoming Animal Crossing-themed Switch Joy-Cons and dock will be available in Japan, and will hopefully come westwards as well.

Earlier today, Nintendo announced an Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch bundle, and the Internet promptly fell in love with it. So much so, that many expressed a desire for the Joy-Con controllers to be sold separately so they wouldn’t have to buy a brand new Switch just for them.

Well, Nintendo seems to be ahead of that, as it has confirmed that the Joy-Cons, Switch dock, and even the box they come in will all be sold separately via the My Nintendo Store… but only in Japan.

On one hand, it’s not surprising to see some cool stuff remain exclusive to Japan but Nintendo has most likely already been subjected to grievances from Western fans that would like to see the same deal be made available over here.

Granted, there’s no confirmation that this offer will remain exclusive to Japan, and Nintendo could announce something in the next couple of months before New Horizons launches.

There is also the option to import these items from Japan, but they will set you back quite a bit. NintendoSoup put up international pre-orders for these items earlier but they have already run out of stock.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will launch on Switch on 20 March.

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