Angel Adoree blasts Escape to the Chateau builders over error ‘Why would they do that?’

Angel Adoree and Dick Strawbridge continue to take Channel 4 viewers on their renovation journey with Escape to the Chateau. In a previously aired episode, the couple came up against a huge problem when they attempted to fulfil their dream of keeping birds. However, Angel was left mortified when she spotted a huge error with the Chateau building. 

The 1868 Chateau was built on top of a medieval fort and the couple noticed it was not symmetrical.

Angel revealed Dick had bought her an antique birdcage and it was one of her most treasured items.

The present sparked a conversation about keeping birds and the pair agreed to fulfil this dream at the Chateau. 

However, when Dick began to plan out the project he realised the Chateau’s grounds proved to be a problem. 

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Dick explained: “If we go through the centre of the Chateau like this you can see the whole Chateau is cantered to one side.

“So if we come out a little bit from the Chateau we’re looking at the patio and we’re looking at slabs.”

Dick noted that if you built two aviaries in front of the Chateau they wouldn’t look symmetrical even if they were an equal distance from one another. 

“If you looked at the Chateau from the driveway you’d see the aviary on the right but not the one on the left,” he said.

“This Chateau is not square on the drive,” Dick remarked.

“No,” Angel agreed. “Why would they make a beautiful symmetrical Chateau and not line it up?”

“The thing is it’s not even facing directly at this [arch],” Dick said. “To make them symmetrical they’re going to look squiffy.”

“I can’t make it work,” Angel commented before Dick asked his two employees to stand in various positions in front of the Chateau.

“Are you in line with each other?” Dick asked. “That looks ridiculous.

“Sasha has come out the same amount but she seems to be over to the side. Sasha, it’s not you, it’s the Chateau.”

“Are were going to have to rebuild the Chateau?” Angel quipped. 

Luckily, the couple were able to achieve their ambition and filled two giant aviaries with colourful birds. 

Escape to the Chateau is available to watch on All 4.


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