Andy Ruiz Sr slams son’s preparation ahead of Anthony Joshua loss: ‘He was not listening because of the fame’

Andy Ruiz Jr was comfortably beaten by Anthony Joshua on Saturday night (Picture: Getty Images)

Andy Ruiz’s father has slammed his son’s preparation for the rematch with Anthony Joshua, describing it as ‘the worst camp’ possible.

The Destroyer was easily out-boxed by Joshua as the Brit secured a dominant unanimous decision in Saudi Arabia on Saturday night, gaining revenge for the stoppage loss he suffered to Ruiz in June.

Joshua boxed impressively but it was a sluggish performance from Ruiz who weighed in at a massive 283lbs for the fight, 15lbs more than he did in the first contest.

The Mexican-American’s father has been heavily critical of his son’s decision-making between the Joshua fights, saying fame had gone to his Andy Jr’s head and his partying caused him to gain too much weight, which ultimately cost him the rematch.

‘Andy thought he was going to do good in the weight in the fight,’ Ruiz Sr told Boxing Social. ‘I told him a month ago that ‘you’re not going to do good at the weight. It’s going to be too hard, because you’re going to be tired, and you’re not going to have the movement.

‘He came overweight, that was the problem. It was too much weight for his body. He weighed 282. Plus after he eats, he was almost 290-something. There was no way he was going to do something good, so now he’s learned his lesson and now he’s going to come back.

‘All the fights that he’s done in his career, he was 255, 257, 246. The last time he fought, he was at 268, and he felt comfortable, but I told him, “You have to lose weight,” but at that time, we didn’t have enough time to lose weight. That’s why he fought at that weight.

Andy Ruiz Sr is not happy with his son’s lack of professionalism (Picture: Getty Images)

‘He was not listening because of the fame. He was with a Rolls Royce, he was with his friends, he was throwing parties, and not listening to the camp.

‘He was running by himself. We were in a house in Manhattan Beach, that we he could come with us, and stay in the house. He didn’t want to stay with us. He wanted to stay with his friend, and try to run by himself. It was the worst camp that he could be doing.

‘I don’t think nothing about AJ. He’s a good boxer, and a great person. We love AJ, and he deserved this night to win. But Andy, he didn’t do the right things, that’s what happened.’

The fighter himself admitted to these same problems, apologising to his father and to his trainer, Manny Robles.

‘I was overweight man. Everyone told me I was too heavy but I didn’t listen. I think the partying got me,’ said the beaten boxer.

‘I tried to do the training on my own. I got too confident. I’m sorry Manny [Robles, my coach] and I’m sorry Dad, I should have listened you.

‘I think we started too late [to train]. I don’t want to say three months of partying affected me, but to tell you the truth it did.

‘I’ve learned this mistake. I’m still young and I’m glad I learned that now, because there’s lots of fights coming for me.’

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