Andrew Tate’s brother Tristan made large donations to George Galloway’s Workers Party political campaign

ANDREW Tate’s brother Tristan has made large donations to George Galloway’s Workers Party campaign.

Galloway is campaigning to keep his seat in Rochdale after winning a by-election in the Greater Manchester constituency in February.

George Galloway accepted donations totalling £5,000 from Tristan Tate


George Galloway accepted donations totalling £5,000 from Tristan TateCredit: Getty
Tristan (right) with his brother Andrew Tate


Tristan (right) with his brother Andrew TateCredit: EPA

He accepted two donations totalling £5,000 from Tristan Tate days after PM Rishi Sunak called a general election in May, LBC reports.

Tristan made the donations of £3,000 and £2,000 just two minutes apart at 12.25am and 12.27am on June 2.

The 35-year-old describes himself as a kickboxer and businessman, and has 3million followers on Twitter.

His brother Andrew is a self-described “misogynist” who together with Tristan is facing a criminal trial in Romania.

The brothers are accused of human trafficking and forming an organised crime group.

They “unequivocally deny” the allegations, which date from 2012 and 2015.

Four women have also accused the Tate brothers of rape and sexual assault, which they also deny.

A court in Romania recently granted a request to extradite the brothers back to the UK.

They are wanted in the UK over separate allegations of sexual assault, which they deny.

George Galloway hosts Taiwan documentary for Chinese state media

Tristan’s donations to Galloway have not been registered to the Electoral Commission as they fall below the relevant threshold.

They were made through a Crowdfunding site, which said “all donations will go to the Workers Party of Britain”.

It comes after Tristan endorsed Nigel Farage’s Reform UK in a video posted on Twitter.

In the clip, Tristan said: “Englishmen watch this video. Vote Reform on July 4th.”

George Galloway and the Workers Party have been contacted for comment.

Galloway has represented four different constituencies in Parliament since 1987.

New poll predicts Labour landslide

LABOUR are on course for a majority of 212 seats, according to the final YouGov poll of the campaign.

The landslide would give Sir Keir Starmer the biggest majority of any party since 1832.

Tory bigwigs including 16 cabinet ministers would lose their seats if the poll is accurate.

Jeremy HuntGrant ShappsPenny MordauntRichard HoldenIain Duncan Smith and Miriam Cates all stand to lose.

The Conservatives would be almost completely wiped out in the north of England and Wales.

But Labour could also suffer a front-bench casualty if the Greens wrest Bristol Central from Thangam Debbonaire.

And YouGov lists 89 seats as toss-ups where there is all to play for between rival parties.

Under YouGov’s margin of error, Labour’s seats could range from 391 to 466, and the Tories from 78 to 129.

The Lib Dems could range from 57 to 87, while the SNP range from eight to 34.

Nigel Farage’s Reform could range from zero to 14, the Greens from one to four, and Plaid Cymru one to four.

The YouGov projection implies vote shares of Labour on 39%, Conservatives on 22%, Reform on 15%, Lib Dems on 12%, Greens on 7%, SNP on 3% and Plaid on 1%.

YouGov predicts a swing of 14.3% from Conservative to Labour, which is larger than the 10.2% swing under Tony Blair in 1997.

Pollsters quizzed 47,758 voters across Britain between June 19 and July 2 to get the numbers.


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