An espresso martini bar is coming to London – with chocolate and orange or nutty flavours

This place looks amazing (Picture: Cunningham Captures)

There’s a bar dedicated to espresso martinis popping up in London.

Yes, everyone’s favourite pick-me-up cocktail is being put front and centre of this place.

Ketel One Vodka has teamed up with Bourne & Hollingsworth in Farringdon to bring you the Espresso Martini Garden.

The month long pop-up launched on 7 November and it focuses on sustainability by teaching customers about recycling and reusing their coffee grounds.

The place is filled with greenery provided by The Little Botanical (fed with coffee compost) so it’s certainly Instagrammable

The menu shoulds amazing too, with lots of takes on the caffeine-fuelled classic.

Variations will include an indulgent Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini and a Nutty Espresso Martini.

There’s even decaf options of these espresso martini serves will be available for those wanting to cut down on the caffeine.

Chocolate and orange! (Picture: Cunningham Captures)

Coffee grains used throughout the pop-up will be donated to the 100% Natural and Organic Skincare brand UpCircle, to be put to good use in their circular economy skincare line.

For an opportunity to personalise their cocktails, consumers will be able to visit the ‘Espresso martini garnish station’ allowing them to add their bespoke touch to their drinks.

Alternative serves using spent coffee will be available for guests wanting to try something different.

There’s also masterclasses available with advice on how to repurpose spent coffee grounds and make sustainable cocktails at home.

Bookings can be made via B&H Buildings website.

The Espresso Martini Garden is at 42 Northampton Rd, Farringdon, London EC1R 0HU.

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