An Easy-to-use Guide to Help You Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer

An Easy-to-use Guide to Help You Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer

It’s hard to be a bride to be! You have to plan a wedding and take care of all the details while you’re still getting your life together. 

Then there’s the honeymoon and all the other fun stuff you and your husband have to do after the big day. Finding the perfect wedding photographer is just one piece of this complicated puzzle, but it’s an important one.

Unlike the other aspects of your wedding that you have more control over, for example, the flowers or the music, you have no idea how your photos will turn out! 

Because you never know what you’re going to get on The Day, it makes sense to take time when looking for a photographer to not rush into making a decision. 

That is why it’s important to hire someone who is not only talented but reliable. 

Luckily, we’ve got everything you’ll need to find your best wedding photographer. 

Follow the guide below to discover ways you can improve your chances of getting what you’re looking for.

Select on the Style of Wedding You Want

You must first decide what type of photography you want before you start looking for photographers. 

Spend some time looking through wedding magazines, following fashion bloggers wedding shoots, and then pick and pin your favourite images. 

After you’ve gathered a collection of photos, try to narrow down your search by determining what feels genuine to you and your fiance. 

Perhaps you prefer classic photography, formal portraits, or candid photographs. This helps to narrow down the style, giving you a more small spectrum of photographers to choose from.

Do Your Research 

You can get excellent references from your friends and family. 

If not, you can always use Google, which is the most popular option. In wedding magazines and websites, you can find a list of good photographers and a portfolio of their work. 

Looking at their portfolio will give you an idea of how they shoot, and if it matches the style of photos you want, you can contact them. 

However, before you proceed with them, double-check their social media accounts to see if they have been pinned, tagged in photos, and what kind of reviews they have received: positive or negative. Check to see how well they respond to customers. Examine how they respond to customers: are they friendly or unprofessional?

You can see a lot more through social media handles than you can imagine! 

Interview Them

Photographers should be interviewed because not everything can be determined through your screens. 

You need to see specific things for yourself to get a better picture of how things could turn out.

You must meet the photographer face to face to determine if your energy and vision are compatible. You should check to see if the fees are reasonable and if they are available on the wedding day. 

Many are unavailable to photograph; so make sure that you have shortlisted at least 4 to 5 photographers and that you see their work and meet them to see if your personalities are compatible and also to discuss the wedding style and the photos you have the vision for.

Review the Album

Examine the portfolio of the photographer with a critical eye. Did you notice the groom and bride’s sparkling eyes when you first saw the photos of the album? 

These tiny details are important because you want them to see all the important aspects of your wedding. Examine the images to see if they are clear and if there is a beautiful story unfolding in the pictures. 

People’s emotions are the most important thing to capture in a wedding photo, so see if the photographer can transfer that emotion and freeze it in time in pictures.


Fancy a glass of wine, don your dancing shoes and wear a smile: it’s that time! Simply following the steps above will ensure that the photography aspect of your wedding is taken care of. Don’t forget to get in touch with the photo studio in Birmingham. Greetings and best wishes for your wedding!

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