Amiri sues Zara

American brand Amiri is suing Zara for allegedly copying its Amiri MX2
jeans the former selling them under the name Combination Skinny Biker
Jeans. Amiri filed its complaint in federal court in Los Angeles demanding
3 million dollars in compensation from Zara’s parent company Inditex.

The lawsuit Amiri filed claims that details of the jeans, including pleated
leather panels and zippers at the knee, were reproduced by Zara. The jeans
in question currently don’t appear to be for sale on Zara’s website.

On the other hand, Amiri’s MX2 jeans are still for sale on their website at
a price point of 1150 dollars. The issue Amiri will have is that in the
very blurry area of fashion copyright law they would have to prove that
Zara was taking sales away from them by being a direct competitor. Given
the difference in price point, it would be hard to prove that Zara’s
alleged knockoff was having any direct impact on Amiri’s sales.

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