Amazon created 25,000 UK jobs in 2021 to meet booming demand

Amazon says it created more than 25,000 new permanent jobs in the UK in 2021 to keep up with booming online demand during the pandemic.

The roles spanned corporate functions, R&D, and operations, and bring the retailer’s total number of permanent employees in the UK to 70,000.

That’s ahead of the estimate it made last year that it would have 55,000 permanent employees by the end of 2021.

The US giant also confirmed this week the creation of a further 15,000 permanent jobs in a variety of corporate and R&D functions in Amazon and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

That includes jobs in software development, product management, and engineering, as well as roles in fulfilment centres, sort centres and delivery stations across the UK.

Amazon said it has invested 32 billion pounds into the UK since 2010.


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