Amazing Ways to Style Your Oversized Graphic Tees

Amazing ways to Style Your Oversized Graphic Tees

The evolution of fashion has seen phases and experiments over the years. While the retro looks still are a notch above all conventional fashion statements, sequins and gloss seem to have taken a backward seat. It is more about casual comfort that is in vogue, and it is the best to invest in cool and funky comfy-clothing to fuse with the traditional statement pieces. The best solution and a must-have for every fashionista’s wardrobe is an oversized graphic tee. In spite of all the sassy pieces, an oversized tee never goes out of style, yet gives you the homely comfortable feel even on the starry runway!

1. Denim it Up:

Bring out that chic denim skirt that you have been waiting for. This is the time to flaunt those curves. Pair it up with the oversized graphic tee for the ultimate back-to-college feel. Tug in a part of your oversized tee at one end of your waist, while leaving the other to hang loose around the other side. This gives you the coveted casual-chic motif for the day. If it is a casual day out, match them up with your pair of white sneakers and half buns. For a complete evening look, choose your nude heels to add that extra inch of height to your updo. Add some Lennon specs and big hoops to complete the look. 

2. Belt in:

The classic way of wearing a casual oversized graphic tee is to wear it as it is. It is the most talked-about resort when it comes to casual fashion. brings you the most comfortable oversized graphic tees to choose from. From supermodels like Gigi Hadid to your most followed fashion influencer on Instagram, you will see them sporting an oversized graphic tee for basic day to day chores. But what you can do along with the most sought after style statement is to add a twist to the frame. Grab the belt with blocked colours and tie it around your waist. It gives the waist a more definite proportion and makes the hem look more flattering. Wear your tied hair bands and sport your favourite sneakers for the utmost comfort. This combination will definitely put your style a notch higher than all your contemporaries. Avail the ECHT Discount Codes and do not miss the offers pouring in. 

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3. The Knotty Tale:

This style stands alone as the iconic fashion statement of the ’80s. When in doubt, just knot it out. Pair your flared denim to go best with this look. Make a clean knot at the front of your oversized graphic tee and leave your bare midriff to do all the talking. This works well on all body types and gives you that extra ounce of confidence in style. Sport a messy bun with this outfit and choose to bring out those sleek tinted shades for the perfect retro vogue. For the shoes, opt for ankle boots to add that oomph factor to your whole set. For the best oversized graphic tees, visit to avail their Black Friday blue Bungalow Discount Code and get vouchers and deals

4. Boot Fun:

The most comfortable, stylish, yet the least time-taking fashion inspo would be this outtake of fashion. Oversized graphic tees are a boon to mankind, and what’s better than putting together this whole look within a mere 10 mins? Grab your oversized graphic tee and pair it up with your nude or grey knee-length boots. Do not worry if you do not have these colours with you, for black is always there to have your back. Knee-length boots look great with oversized graphic tees as they make your legs look fashionably high with a little portion of your thighs to play peek-a-boo and leave the rest to their imagination. Avail the Black Friday Lowes discount Code for the best offers. For the best complement, throw on a denim jacket over your shoulders to make a statement wherever you tread! 

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Now that you are ready and off to go, do check out the discounts and offers available and redeem the vouchers till stocks last!

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