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Amanda Holden’s Halloween costume as Morticia Addams is ‘wheelie creepy’

Amanda Holden and Jamie Theakston took  things up a notch for Halloween, dressing up as Morticia and Lurch from the Addams Family.

The Heart Breakfast co-hosts arrived at work on Thursday morning looking ready to frighten their colleagues. 

Holden was forced to wheel herself into the studios on a scooter after recently breaking her leg – but she made the outfit work as she did “wheelies” down the corridor.

Alongside a video of herself rolling through the Heart FM studios as the iconic Addams Family theme played, Holden joked: “Yes. I’m wheelie dressed up as #morticia.”

“They’re creepy & they’re kooky, mysterious & spooky, @thisisheart #breakfast #family,” Holden told her followers.

The 48-year-old wore Morticia’s trademark spooky look with ghastly make-up and straight dark hair while wearing a body-con PVC dress. 

Her co-host, also 48, styled out Lurch’s tuxedo and face paint and a (questionable) black wig. 

(Heart Radio/Global)

Amanda broke her leg earlier this month while  tackling a Total Wipeout-style inflatable assault course.

She snapped her fibula in two places while playing with her seven-year-old daughter Hollie.

The TV star was rushed to hospital by her record producer husband Chris Hughes where she had a metal plate fitted into leg.

(Heart Radio/Global)

Explaining why happened, Amanda previously said: “So basically I was trying to be a good mother Jamie and I put my book down, I put down the Uno cards… and I said to Hollie “Mummy can come on that with you” and there’s this like, you remember [Total] Wipeout, that TV thing? There’s like a children’s Total Wipeout thing in the middle of the sea and … mistily get round it and I thought yeah I can do that.

“So Hollie was doing brilliantly and going round it. I walked around it and then crawled across like an old person, like across the difficult bits.”

She continued: “And then there were these three inflatable stepping stones in the middle of the sea and everyone else was running across it and I thought ‘oh I could do that, if kids can do it I can do it’.” 

“And I did it and I made it – I was showing off Jamie – I made it across to the other side and then my leg slipped ’cause obviously its wet, like an inflatable thing in the sea, my leg slipped and it went the other way and I felt it break and I fell in to the sea and I had to swim back to the shore one-legged.”

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