Allbirds to raise prices on Black Friday instead of discounting

As retailers begin to announce plans for Black Friday or Cyber Monday
sales, Allbirds has said that it will actually raise its prices on
November 27. The sustainable footwear company is taking a stand
against what it calls “a frenzied day of discounts and buyers’
remorse” to support the environment.

Allbirds will raise all prices across its website by 1 dollar on Black
Friday, November 27. Each extra dollar, along with another dollar
matched by the company, will be donated to Fridays For Future, the
youth-led international climate movement founded by climate activist
Greta Thunberg.

The company explained in a press release, “As a certified B Corp, we
believe that business can be a force for good, and balancing purpose
with profit is the future of commerce. To successfully tackle climate
change, we need to collectively reduce our carbon impact and protect
the earth’s resources.

“With a little more consciousness around how we consume, we can all
tread lighter on the planet. What better time to start living a more
balanced life than on Black Friday?”


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