All Time Low’s ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’ approve of sea shanty cover: “It was only a matter of time”

All Time Low have approved of a sea shanty cover of their 2008 single ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’.

The US band shared a clip of British musician Sam Pope’s rendition which transforms their pop-punk track into a swashbuckling tune in line with the viral TikTok trend.

While sharing Pope’s cover yesterday (January 27), the band wrote: “It was only a matter of time.”

In related news, last month TikTok user @yungricepatty showed that liking pop-punk isn’t “just a phase”, by belting out ‘Dear Maria…’ and garnering 8.5 million views in the process. Dozens of imitations of ‘Dear Maria…’ have followed.


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♬ dear maria count me in – joel

Earlier this month, All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth revealed what he thought of the trend initiated by @yungricepatty: “I always knew ‘Dear Maria’ would be a massive TikTok song when we wrote it in 2006,” he wrote in a tweet.

He and lead guitarist Jack Barakat joined in the fun by posting a clip of them singing the song in a car.



♬ dear maria count me in – joel

Then, on Wednesday (January 27), drummer added his take on the trend by playing drums with his band’s classic in the background.

Meanwhile, Nickelback have collaborated with a British group who gave the Canadian band’s 2005 single ‘Rockstar’ the sea shanty treatment.

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And the man who kickstarted the TikTok phenomenon, 26-year-old Scottish postman Nathan Evans, recently quit his job after his rendition of the 19th-century sea shanty ‘Soon May The Wellerman Come’ landed in the UK Top 10.

“Oh my God, I was a postman on Friday. I have just signed to the biggest record label in the world,” Evans said in a post online.


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