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Almost nine years after its debut in 2008, Breaking Bad is still considered one of the greatest television masterpieces of the twenty-first century. Walter White’s view of the world through transcended eyes is semi-relatable for the audience, who have likely experienced an existential crisis at some point in their lives.

Heisenberg’s notoriety accompanied by Pinkman’s “high-school junkie” persona earned a much-deserved place in the hearts of its fans, some of whom took the love a step further by replicating iconic scenes from the series in their favorite video games. Of course, these tributes would have to be created in a game where some level of customization is available. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Grand Theft Auto is the game of choice when recreating the infamous duo, among other titles.


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Grand Theft Auto Tributes

One of the most cinematic Breaking Bad tributes made in Grand Theft Auto 5 belongs to LioN KoLLA, whose cleverly constructed collection of scenes has reeled in over ten-thousand likes. Instead of using character mods, LioN KoLLA customizes the appearance of the characters using in-game features, such as shaving off Michael’s hair and making him wear spectacles. The angles are strategically done to give the characters more of a resemblance to their original Breaking Bad models, coupled with atmospheric lighting and a lively background tune. KoLLA also includes a snippet from the “Crystal Maze” meth lab mission to give the video a finishing touch.

Taking a different approach, Cesar Perchi created a YouTube video showing fans what the GTA 4 intro would look like, if replaced with characters from Breaking Bad and put to background shots of familiar locations from the show. To start with, the intro shows a colorful digital painting of Gustavo Fring, stood against a black-and-white image of his food chain “Los Pollos Hermanos.” Other characters featured, to name a few, include Walter White and Saul Goodman. The video accumulated over three-thousand likes, uniting both the GTA and Breaking Bad community.

Mod Movie’s YouTube video introduces a more creative approach to fan tributes made in GTA 5, applying unique character mods to make them look like the characters from Breaking Bad. Like LioN KoLLA’s video, Mod Movie starts off the tribute with one of the most famous scenes from the entire show. This scene is the fan-favorite from episode one, featuring Walt stood next to his beaten-up RV, pointing a gun towards approaching fire engines. Mod Movie’s ability to craft GTA characters that so closely resemble the stars from Breaking Bad is uncanny, proof of his raw creative talent.

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Fallout Tributes

Changing direction from GTA, UplsNotJump constructed an excellent YouTube montage of Breaking Bad-themed characters, complete with mods, within the universe of Fallout 4. Set out in movie-trailer style, this montage is put to the original audio of Breaking Bad, giving it the feel of a Breaking Bad video game. UplsNotJump also includes numerous scene re-creations from the show, including Walt teaching in his Chemistry classroom and his catalytic participation in Hank’s drug bust ride-a-long. This imaginative take on the chaotic life of Walter White and his associates gained over one-thousand likes, a well-earned reward for UplsNotJump’s dedication to the show.

Minecraft Tributes

Aside from the two previously mentioned titles, Minecraft is also a go-to video game for Breaking Bad fans to film tributes in due to its idea-provoking creative mode. In one video, user MagmaMusen creates a tutorial showing people how to build the legendary RV, receiving over nine-thousand thumbs up. In another video, Keralis features an impressive replica of the laundromat made in Minecraft creative mode, built by another YouTuber known as SmithersBoss. There are even holes within the roof of the laundromat that players can look down into, viewing the interior within.

Although Breaking Bad is now thirteen years old, its fan base is still large as ever, with the brilliance of the show living on through their creative tributes. Grand Theft Auto seems to be a favorite for re-creating some of the best scenes, with games such as Fallout 4 and Minecraft following lead. It will be interesting to see any future attempts of Breaking Bad tributes in alternative titles, offering new takes on fan’s favorite delinquent duo.

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The Division's Breaking Bad Easter Egg - Breaking Bad Walt and Jesse on couch
The Division’s Breaking Bad Easter Egg

A Reddit user by the name of mechspectre discovers a spoiler-filled Breaking Bad Easter Egg hidden in Tom Clancy’s The Division that references Walt and Jesse.

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