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Halloween is by far the spookiest time of the year when people embrace all kinds of horror from ridiculous bedsheet-ghost costumes to terrifying haunted houses that test how fast they can get your blood to curdle. One way or another, it’s all about having a scary amount of fun.

Video games for Halloween should be no different! So if you’ve decided to stay at home or just hang out with some friends or family indoors, we’ve got a list of the best video games for Halloween ready for you.

Since we know that not all of you love terrifying horror, we’ve broken down these Halloween video games into two categories: 1) Halloween video games that are more cute than they are scary and 2) Halloween video games that you might want to turn the lights on for because they’re pretty spooky.

Let’s go have some frightening fun!

Halloween video games you can play with the lights off

Death being, well, bored to death might not sound very fun, but just take a look at the army of minions he’s created. Use the unique abilities of each gravely cute Deadling to make it through Death’s 60+ maze levels and hidden traps in this arcade platformer. Sounds just as satisfying as going trick-or-treating!

When the hotel is haunted, and Mario is missing, who are you going to call? Um, Luigi? Armed with a very special vacuum cleaner and a slightly eerie doppelganger, fight through all the poltergeists on each themed hotel level and save Luigi’s brother Mario!

If you thought that the Ghostbusters movie was the perfect way to spend your Halloween, then this video game should be right up your alley. Fight off the supernatural (both from the movie and all new spookies) with an array of upgradeable weapons to save New York. Bonus points for having the same characters as in the movie.

You’re a human who’s been turned into a creepy crawly in this surreal puzzle game; if that isn’t just a little frightening then we don’t know what is. Traverse the world that you now need to rediscover from a bug’s perspective in order to find who turned you into an insect and why. Some levels are much more surreal than others, often making you wonder if your life is ever going to go back to normal…

For some, cooking is scary enough in real life, but Battle Chef Brigade turns it up a notch and makes you cook using…monster parts. Play as two chefs who need to hunt down creepy monsters and turn them into scarily delicious dishes in this puzzle-based, fantasy adventure. Who thought monster hunting could be so tasty!

Halloween games you’d rather play with the lights on

Have you noticed that bone-tingling sensation? That’s not radiation, that’s straight up fear. Chernobylite takes you deep into the Exclusion Zone where you have to scavenge and fight to survive all the while trying to find out what happened to your long lost love who’s been missing for over 30 years. If sickness, hunger, or psychosis don’t get you, maybe one of the creepy radioactive baddies jumping out of wormholes will.

If that’s not enough for your heart of steel, just wait until you encounter the new monsters in the upcoming free content update: Monster Hunt!

Wildlife, bandits, and infected, oh my! Life in this post-apocalyptic world is hard and the mist isn’t there to make it prettier. Far from it. In this PvE single player sandbox, you’re on your own in a struggle to survive against, well, pretty much everything. Nighttime and the title mist is when zombies come out looking for a tasty snack (that oddly enough looks exactly like you) so you’ll grow a new appreciation for light by the time you’re done with this game.

Though not terrifying, Arboria is seriously creepy with gritty dungeons, mean trolls, and even meaner baddies giving you a solid dose of the Halloween heebie-jeebies. Play as the Chosen One who needs to traverse the procedurally-generated dungeons of Durnar to fight off the evil threatening your tribe. Use bio-mutations and weapons to grow stronger as the monsters you fight grow scarier.

If that isn’t enough to send an eerie feeling up your spine, join Arboria‘s Halloween event, where Pumkinhead will be waiting for you with some sinister rewards.

If undead don’t make for a super scary Halloween, it’s hard to tell what will. Since the first title that came out in 1996, the Resident Evil series has seen some nice remakes done so choosing any game from this iconic horror series will definitely give you a permanent case of goosebumps this October 31st.

Explore dark woods from behind a flickering flashlight that you just know isn’t going to show you trouble when you need it to. Gather up clues in the Black Hills Forest in order to find out what happened to a missing young boy. If eerie sounds and unsettling dolls don’t make your heart beat faster, maybe the monsters will.

That’s the end of our ghoulish list of the best Halloween video games. Are there any new games that you’d like to play for Halloween? Are there any Halloween video games that you love, but don’t see on this list? Let us know in the comments or on our Discord.

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