Alien Cube Sightings Get a Great Reaction from Justice League Darkseid Actor

Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be utilizing the voice talents of Ray Porter for Darkseid. When asked on social media about the alien cube floating around the sun, the actor had the perfect response. Porter was not in the original theatrical cut of Justice League, but he is back for Snyder’s version, which is being worked on at this very moment. As for the bizarre black square spotted around the sun, UFO enthusiasts believe that it is an alien cube, while DC fans think it’s a Mother Box from the upcoming movie.

Ray Porter was asked on social media if the mysterious black cube was really a Mother Box, to which he replied, “Oh, THERE’s where I left it. Geez! Now if I could just find my keys…” DC fans loved the response as much they love knowing that Porter is providing the voice for the villainous Darkseid. With that being said, it is unclear how big of a role Darkseid will have in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, though DC fans are just excited to have it finally confirmed.

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Tabloids and UFO enthusiasts aren’t buying the Mother Box theories from comic book fans. Scientists have been coming up with better ways to take images of the Earth’s sun for decades now, and they’re only getting better at it, which is even more impressive when one thinks about how dangerous it is to take images of it at all. In new images from NASA, we can see the massive sun, but there is something peculiar in a few of the images. It appears to be a black cube.

Scientists are pretty sure that the massive black cube, which would be ten times the size of the Earth, is a glitch from their photography. When asked about it being a giant alien cube, Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) project scientist Bernhard Fleck says, “This is of course complete and utter nonsense. The black square is due to a missing (corrupted) telemetry block.” Basically, this is a real glitch between SOHO and Earth receiving the image. It is not a Mother Box from Darkseid or a gigantic alien cube coming from the sun to take over the Earth, though it is 2020 and it wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary.

SOHO is located about a million miles from Earth in a halo orbit about. The images it sends to back to Earth have to travel across that distance, so it’s understandable that a glitch might happen here and there. “Most missing blocks are indeed filled by our pipeline processing, but this doesn’t always work, and not all missing blocks are filled correctly,” Bernhard Fleck explains. “The final level-0 science data are not affected by this.” Sorry, Alien enthusiasts and DC fans, this is just a glitch. Or is it? You can check out the perfect response to the alien black box above, thanks to Ray Porter’s Twitter account.

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