Aldi launches first own-brand clothing line, all featuring the supermarket’s logo

Show how much you care… about bargain groceries (Picture: Aldi/Getty)

Whether you’re Team Colin or Team Cuthbert, you’ve probably had Aldi on the brain for the last few days.

Caterpillar cake court case aside though, the supermarket has announced they’re branching into the fashion world.

As of next week, you’ll be able to buy yourself some Aldi branded loungewear, with hoodies, pants, and PJs in their new collection.

The middle aisle has long been home to a number of clothing items, but this is the first own-brand range for Aldi. Emphasis on the own-brand.

Each garment is emblazoned with Aldi’s logo and primary colours, so everybody will know just where you do your shopping.

Online from this Sunday 25 April and in stores from 29 April, the supermarket giant announced the range with a billboard in London’s Leicester Square; entitled Aldimania.

The tag line is ‘Aldi’s just done it’ and the play on words of Vivienne Westwood’s Anglomania line has not gone unnoticed. Basically, it really seems the German grocery store like to court controversy.

The range is inspired by streetwear and the brand’s logo (Picture: Aldi)

Prices start at £1.49 for a pair of socks, going up to £4.99 for a two-pack of boxers, £12.99 for a pyjama set and £14.99 for a hoodie.

Sizes go from small to XXL in clothes, and 2.5 to 11 in socks.

You’d hardly even know they were Aldi (Picture: Aldi)

Like with anything in their Specialbuys, Aldi claim that their loungewear will probably sell out fast. You really don’t want to be fighting someone in a shop for the last pair of Aldi pants, so best to get there early or pre-order online.

Will they become the next hit fashion item, like Paul’s Boutique bags or New Era snapbacks of yore (zillenial reference there)? That’s yet to be seen.

One’s thing for certain, anything in the range will be a perfect gift for the Aldi bargains fanatic in your life.

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