AI Warning: ‘Compassionless world-changing’ A.I. already here -You WON’T see them coming

Fear surrounding artificial intelligence has remained prevalent as society has witnessed the mass leaps the technology sector has made in recent years. Shadow Robot Company Director, Rich Walker explained it is not “evil A.I.” people should necessarily be afraid of but rather the companies they masquerade behind. During an interview with, Mr Walker explained advanced A.I. that had nefarious intent for mankind would not openly show itself.

He noted companies that actively do harm to society and people within them would be more appealing to A.I. that had goals of destroying humanity.

He said: “There is the kind of standard fear of A.I. that comes from science fiction.

“Which is either the humanoid robot, like from the Terminator, takes over and tries to destroy humanity.

“Or it is the cold compassionless machine that changes the world around it in its own image and there is no space for humans in there.

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“There is actually quite a good argument that there are cold compassionless machines that change the world around us in their own image.

“They are called corporations.

“We shouldn’t necessarily worry about A.I as something that will come along and change everything.

“We already have these organisations that will do that.

“They operate outside of national rules of laws and societal codes of conduct.

“They would argue no they are not trying to do that but the fact would be the effects of what you are doing is trying to destroy humanity.

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“If you wanted to have an Artificial Intelligence that was a bad guy, a large corporation that profits from fossil fuels and systematically hid the information that fossil fuels were bad for the planet, that would be an A.I bad guy in my book.”

The Shadow Robot Company has directed there focus on creating complex dexterous robot hands that mimicked humans hands.

The robotics company uses tactical Telerobot technology to demonstrate how A.I programmes can be used alongside human interaction to create complex robotic relationship.


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