Age-defying mum shares tricks to youthful looks – including not washing your face

Brenda Gabriel, 40, says people never guess her real age as they always think she’s in her 20s – and her age-defying secrets include not washing her face every day

Brenda Gabriel taking a selfie
Brenda Gabriel uses oil cleanses on her face to keep her natural glow

We’re often told that washing our face and using a good cleansing scrub is the best way to keep spots at bay, but what if we told you that one woman swears by only washing her face twice a week?

That’s the method used by mum-of-three Brenda Gabriel, who says not washing her face every day has helped her maintain her youthful glow and age-defying looks, reports.

The 40-year-old PR executive keeps her face washes to just two a week, and frequently does “oil cleansing” with olive or jojoba oil instead of traditional water-based treatments.

“I’m actually a little bit like Cameron Diaz because I don’t wash my face every day”, she said, “as you get older, it tends to dry out a little bit more, so now what I do is oil cleansing.”

The mum-of-three says living a low stress life helps her stay youthful



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And as for the claim that excess oil on the face causes breakouts, Brenda said: “It’s a total lie, especially when you’re getting older. It’s one of the best things to clean your face with.”

The beauty enjoys a protein-rich diet, which includes a protein shake every so often, as well as a green smoothie every other day.

And although we’re also told that regular exercise is the key to staying healthy, Brenda admitted she’s more interested in listening to her body than hitting the gym for hours each day and urged others to adopt the same mindset.

She explained: “Don’t feel bad if you’re not into meditating or you’re not really into exercise because I’m not really into any of those things at this stage of my life.

“Mindfulness is really important, connecting with your body and getting to a stage where, if you’re stressed out because you’ve snapped at your children or something, you know when to walk away from a situation.”

Instead of hitting the gym and making herself feel exhausted, Brenda prefers relaxing in the bath with a glass of wine for a “really luxurious experience”.

And the mum also puts her age-defying looks down to the lack of stress in her life, as she said treating herself with care and compassion has helped her stop putting so much pressure on herself to succeed.

She said: “When you’re younger, you tend to power through things, but yesterday I was going to deliver a course and I had to message them to say, ‘I’m really sorry, I’m just not well’. I could probably struggle through it. But I didn’t want to and I wouldn’t have been my best anyway.

“And I just went to bed and forgot everything I needed to do so that I could focus on feeling better. You don’t get anywhere by constantly pushing yourself.”

By following her own secrets to youthful looks, Brenda has managed to take strangers by surprise when they see her with her family – with some even mistaking her for her 23-year-old son’s girlfriend.

“We were walking down the street in Turkey, my son and I, and my partner was behind us with the two younger kids. People were asking my son if I was his girlfriend, and he just rolled his eyes as if to say, ‘Here we go again’. It’s happened more than once”, she said.

As for growing older, Brenda said while she would never say never to receiving cosmetic treatment, she hopes to navigate her 50s and beyond naturally.

She noted: “There’s a part of me that does worry about what I will look like as I get older. I’m hoping that I will want to grow old gracefully. It’s a fact of life. I’d like to think that I would embrace that.”

To follow more of Brenda’s approach to life, you can find her on Instagram at @fameprqueen, or on her Facebook page.

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