AGDQ 2021 VODs: The Best Speedruns You Have to See

There are few better examples of the virtue of good commentary than this Sonic Mania run from Argick. Even more impressive than his ability to blaze through Sonic Mania at lightning speed is his ability to offer both color and technical commentary faster than Sonic can run. His announcing will leave you convinced that Sonic Mania runs would make for an entertaining addition to the Olympics or ESPN’s lineup.


Yes, Hades is best experienced at a pace that allows you to easily appreciate its subtle storytelling and worldbuilding, but there’s something to be said for watching someone who has mastered the game’s lightning-fast combat.

While runner Vorime’s luck during this run is borderline absurd, that good fortune does little to diminish their reflexes as well as their mastery of the game’s skills, weapons, and techniques. This is the kind of run that makes you come to terms with how much more you have to learn about Hades even if you think you’ve mastered it.

Celeste (Dance Pad Run)

Much like Hades, Celeste‘s undeniable style and surprising storytelling often lure people into a false sense of security designed to hide the title’s shocking difficulty. Celeste‘s toughest levels are designed to challenge even the most skilled platformer players.

So how does runner Peekingboo manage to beat those levels using nothing more than a DDR dance pad? To be honest, I’ve watched this run a few times now, and I still can’t quite comprehend what I’m seeing. Watch it for yourself to see if you can make sense of this level of skill and practice.

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