Advantages and Disadvantages of CBD Oil

Advantages and Disadvantages of CBD Oil

CBD oil and CBD hash have become an increasingly popular product in recent years and of course not without reason. More and more people have become curious and are enthusiastic about this great natural product.

To give you a better overview of cbd, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of CBD oil for you below.

10 Advantages of CBD Oil

  • CBD oil is 100% natural

CBD consists exclusively of natural ingredients. All products are entirely organic, without any pesticides or other chemical control agents.

  • Versatile use.

A significant advantage is that CBD can be used for many different purposes. According to ganjly, CBD can be used both for internal use and for external use.

  • CBD is not psychoactive

CBD is often confused with the psychoactive substance THC. This substance is present in cannabis products, which can be purchased, for example, in coffee shops in the Netherlands.

This confusion between the two products is entirely wrong. CBD oil and other CBD products contain only negligible traces of THC. For this reason, it is also impossible to get high from CBD.

  • CBD oil does not make you addicted

A very significant advantage is that CBD does not make you addicted, even with long-term use.

  • CBD oil is suitable for children

Another significant advantage of CBD is that it is also suitable for children. For children, we recommend a concentration of 2.5% or 5%.

  • CBD is suitable for animals

Just like humans, animals have an endocannabinoid system. For smaller dogs and cats, we recommend a concentration of 2.5% or 5%. For larger animals, such as horses, we recommend a concentration of 10% or 18%.

  • The dosage and intakes of CBD can be very different.

CBD can be used for an incredible number of different purposes. There is a suitable way to take it for every situation. Think, for example, of oil, capsules, creams for use on the skin, suppositories or chewing gum.

Very precise dosing: CBD oil can be dosed very precisely because these bottles are supplied with a pipette. With the help of this pipette, it is possible to dose the oil very accurately, droplets by droplets.

  • Different concentrations of CBD available

Since almost every person can use CBD, it makes sense that it is available in different concentrations. In this way, CBD can meet the needs of all target groups.

  • CBD is suitable for long-term use

It is no problem to use CBD for a more extended period. The products contain ingredients that are well tolerated by the body and do not cause long-term damage.

  • Overdosing with CBD oil is not possible.

Even if you take a large amount of CBD within a short time, no problems can arise. Safe to use

The advantages mentioned above show that CBD is a safe agent that is ideal for regular use. Overdosing is not possible; it is suitable for long-term use. It is not addictive and is not psychoactive.

Besides the advantages offered by CBD oil, there are also real benefits of CBD for your health.

3 Benefits of CBD Oil for Wellness and Health

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, has been in the media for several months. Discussions about the effects of CBD have resulted in doctors being allowed to prescribe CBD.

  • CBD oil makes the pain go away!

CBD oil can help reduce pain. The endocannabinoid system, which is located in our brain, regulates numerous bodily functions.

The system decides whether we are sleepy, hungry or feel pain. The body’s substances endocannabinoids play a crucial role in this.

Besides the analgesic effect, there is the anti-inflammatory. CBD is also often combined with THC to achieve pain relief in MS patients. CBD in connection with THC is particularly helpful for painful diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

  • CBD oil efficiently helps with anxiety disorders and depression

Depression and anxiety disorders are usually treated with antidepressants. However, such drugs have enormous side effects. The patients feel tired and dizzy. In addition to sleep disorders, sexual dysfunction also occurs.

Previous studies on CBD concerning mental illness have been promising. It was found that CBD oil led to a significant reduction in anxiety. CBD oil works on the serotonin receptors in our brain. It has a positive influence on the mood.

  • CBD as a remedy for acne

Everyone knows acne and nobody wants it. CBD oil is anti-inflammatory and can, therefore, help against annoying acne.

CBD oil can help reduce acne. So far, the effect is promising, but must first be tested on humans before it is 100 % proven.

The Disadvantages of CBD Oil

A disadvantage of CBD products is that it is often not cheap. The products of the brands we sell are all made from high-quality ingredients and are entirely organic.

The production process is very labour intensive and time-consuming, which makes these products relatively expensive.

  • Different effects depending on the person

Everybody is different, and for this reason, the effects of CBD differ depending on the person. There is no universal dosage for taking CBD. How much you should take depends on the CBD content in the product. Start with a small dose and build it up slowly.

  • Some unreliable CBD oils on the market

Unfortunately, there are many unreliable CBD brands and products on the market. These products often contain less CBD than what is stated on the packaging.

Choose companies such as with quality reports available for all products they sell. In this way, you can be sure that the amounts of active ingredient we have specified are present in the product.

  • CBD oil is not legal everywhere

CBD is legal in the UK and almost all countries in Europe. However, the legislation for this is different in many countries outside the EU. CBD is not legal in these countries, and we, therefore, recommend that you do not take CBD with you outside of Europe.

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