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Adam Boulton erupts at ex-Sky News pal over Rwanda migrant comments 'Off you go!'

Adam Boulton has reacted to his former Sky News colleague Colin Brazier over his stance on plans outlined by the Prime Minister to tackle illegal Channel crossings. Colin had responded to football pundit Gary Neville’s take on Boris Johnson’s decision to send asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Gary had taken to Twitter to express his outrage, writing: “We’re sending people who try to seek a safe life here in the UK to Rwanda?

“Is that what we’re doing? Lower than low we are at the top!”

Colin quote-tweeted Gary’s post, claiming that Rwanda was a “peaceful, stable and relatively prosperous” country.

He typed: “Rwanda is now a peaceful, stable and relatively prosperous nation.

“You’re referring to those seeking asylum in UK.

“The U.K. is now a peaceful, stable and relatively prosperous nation. What’s wrong with the UK?”

Chinn_victor wrote: “Colin quite correct! Rwanda is now a peaceful, stable and relatively prosperous nation.

“If someone is in fear for their life – and seeking a safe haven from persecution – what’s wrong.

“Hope its not a racial issue.” (sic)

In an address, Mr Johnson outlined his plans for male asylum seekers to be sent some 6,000 miles away to Rwanda for processing.

After his speech, Home Secretary Priti Patel is expected to set out further details of a “migration and economic development partnership”.

An initial £120 million is expected to be given to the Rwandan government under a trial scheme.

Mr Johnson is expected to say: “I accept that these people – whether 600 or 1,000 – are in search of a better life, the opportunities that the United Kingdom provides and the hope of a fresh start.

“But it is these hopes – these dreams – that have been exploited.

“These vile people smugglers are abusing the vulnerable and turning the Channel into a watery graveyard, with men, women and children drowning in unseaworthy boats and suffocating in refrigerated lorries.”


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