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In a new discovered patent from Activision, the company is looking for ways to merge real-life environments with a video game twist.

Video game companies create new ways to use technology all the time, and Activision Publishing is no different. With an interesting patent from Activision, it seems like the company is trying to create a kind of experience that very well may blur the lines between reality and video games.

Gaming fans can often look to patents to speculate what new things game companies are developing. People notice that many of the patents will have something to do with upcoming games or features, much like an Activision patent for haptic gun controllers.

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In the US Patent, “Reality-Based Video Game Elements,” filed by Activision, the company tries to combine real world items with a video game experience. The main takeaway is that a real-life vehicle will receive commands from a video game controller and record video of its environment to incorporate that video imagery into a playable game. The vehicle might make use of different sensors to identify the vehicle’s environment, like IR (infrared), radar, LIDAR (light detection and ranging), and GPS circuitry, which could relate to a GPS/AR-related patent Activision also filed.

video game car wheel and pedals used with a game device to control a real vehicle

While the patent mainly uses car and video game imagery and terminology, there’s always a possibility the tech can be used in other scenarios. Activision isn’t really known for car racing games, but it did produce the NASCAR The Game series from 2011-2013, and it recently worked on Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled in 2019. This tech could be used for driving lessons, unique types of go-karting, mini-car arcade games, or more.

From everything described in the patent, it actually sounds pretty similar to Nintendo’s Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. The Nintendo game also merges real world items with virtual world gameplay, and Activision’s version seems that it could be a more intense and action-oriented version of that. This patent from Activision was originally filed way back in 2016, so it seems that Nintendo may have beaten it to the punch.

Whether its combining real-life vehicles with simulated gameplay, or streamers being able to share custom creations with followers, Activision seems keen on creating more interactive ways to play games. While there is no guarantee that gamers will see this patent realized any time soon, the possibilities for it are really endless.

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Source: US Patent 10493363

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