A school bully ruined my life 50 years ago. Should I expose him now on Facebook?

Fifty years ago, I was tormented by a bully at school. He was a thuggish skinhead who made learning impossible. For five years, he was physically and mentally abusive. Once, he coerced the entire class to call me “poof” and “creep” for a week.

I changed from a bright, friendly boy to a frightened, lonely young man. Now at 63, I still fear young people, distrust strangers, and flinch when touched, even by my husband. I struggled to succeed in my working life.

This man now lives abroad with his husband. That he is gay is like another punch. His family and friends think he is so lovely but they don’t know what he did and how he ruined lives. I want them to know the truth. Should I tell them on Facebook? I feel angry and tormented. I want to get rid of these feelings but don’t know how.

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