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A Place In The Sun’s Laura Hamilton reacts after show move queried: 'Who dya think I am?'

TV star Laura Hamilton headed to the Virgin Radio studio this morning to talk about all things property, travel and A Place in the Sun. During her chat with Sam Pinkham, who was standing in for regular presenter Chris Evans, the Channel 4 star revealed that while filming abroad she has to wash her clothes every evening as she wears the same outfit for five days in a row due to continuity.

Intrigued, the radio host asked: “If you are out there filming for five days with a couple, does that mean you wear the same clothes for five days?”

“Yes,” Laura admitted, seemingly slightly embarrassed.

“And the couple do as well?” Sam pressed.

“Yeah, but often the couple have two of everything, I just wash my clothes every night, because I can’t have two of everything,” the mum-of-two revealed.

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