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A Place in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton locked out of house in embarrassing filming gaffe

Channel 4 presenter Laura Hamilton has spoken of her awkward gaffes while filming the hit show, A Place In The Sun. The star admitted that producers have to give homes a deep clean before filming.

Laura, 38, joined the show in 2011 after launching her career in children’s television, with her first episode airing on the network in February 2012.

The Kent-born presenter spoke of the awkward encounters that the crew have before the camera crew start filming, with them often having just half an hour to get a house ready before they enter a property.

However, she recently revealed that while filming the programme the crew risked saying goodbye to their expensive camera kit.

“We got locked out of a house once, we were asked ‘who’s got the keys?’ and none of us did.

“All the filming equipment was locked inside,” she said.

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Laura who came second on the 2011 season of Dancing On Ice as also spoken about her horrific ordeals while filming the show, that is filmed in exotic locations.

She went on to say: “In September all our cars ended up in a mudslide.”

Laura told the Daily Star: “Sometimes houses are bought off-camera by other buyers not associated with the show and when they put offers in properties are already sold. That can be devastating.”

Despite the world going into lockdown in March 2020 as the world was put under pressure following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, A Place In The Sun continued to film, following guidelines.

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Last year Laura took to Instagram where she revealed she was struggling to breathe.

In view of her followers, the Channel 4 presenter said: “Hi everyone. I was really unsure about posting this message but I feel the need to. Because something happened on Saturday night and it affected me quite badly.

“As you are aware, Alex and I have been absolutely busting our balls, basically helping the community. Doing what we can to use our suppliers to get goods to the community.

“We’ve worked really hard to bring our prices down and we’ve been doing that on a regular basis,” she explained further. “Anyway, I’ve been losing my voice through stress of this situation.”

She continued: “And on Saturday night there were some really, really nasty people who decided to make some really nasty comments about what we’re doing on our local neighbourly websites.

“It affected me so badly that I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t actually know what was happening to me.”

The TV host admitted that she felt like she was “drowning” which prompted her husband Alex to call 999.

Laura ended the video by saying: “Please be kind. As I said I wasn’t going to post this because I didn’t think it was appropriate. But now I think it is appropriate.”


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