Netflix has released the first official trailer for its new fantasy series The Letter for the King, based on the bestselling 1962 novel of the same name by Tonke Dragt. The six-episode series premieres March 20th on the streaming service.

Amir Wilson stars as a young knight in training named Tiuri, tasked with delivering a secret letter to the king of his fantasy realm. The quest is a challenging one, with Tiuri and his companions constantly in danger of evil forces from a ruthless prince. But, in true high fantasy fashion, the stakes get even higher when Tiuri learns of a prophecy foretelling the rise of a hero who will defeat the prince and save the world.

“From the moment I saw you, I felt the power in you,” a monk tells Tiuri. Along with plenty of sword fighting, horseback riding and swashbuckling action, the trailer hints at a possible reveal of magical powers for the young knight.

The Letter for the King also stars Ruby Serkis, Thaddea Graham and Gijs Blom. Ruby Serkis’ father, actor Andy Serkis, will also have a supporting role, as seen in the trailer. The show is written by Will Davies (How to Train Your DragonPuss in Boots) and executive produced by Davies and Paul Trijbits.


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