A Day Well Spent With… Pip & Nut founder Pippa Murray

If you’re a peanut fiend, chances are you’ve probably got several tubs of Pip & Nut stashed in your kitchen cupboard. 

A keen runner, founder Pippa Murray started whipping up her own nut butters as a way to fuel her training sessions. Realising she was onto something delicious, she started selling her crunchy concoctions at Maltby Street Market, before expanding into Selfridges and then nationwide supermarkets. 

Now her all-natural, palm-oil-free and refined sugar-free spreads and pouches are a household name. So how does she run a business and keep on running marathons. Below, she shares are wellness secrets. 

First thing in the morning I give my cavapoo dog, Charlie, a cuddle and wake him up. I’ve tried training him to sleep in his own bed but every time I go into my lounge in the morning he’s always spread himself comfortably on the sofa – very cheeky. Then I’ll shower and get ready to head to the office. I live in a fabulous part of North London called Newington Green which means I can walk to the office, it takes about 45 minutes, giving Charlie a decent amount of time to stretch his legs and I can listen to a podcast en-route, my favourites being the High Low, Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place or Reasons to be Cheerful.

At Pip & Nut we provide the team with a free healthy breakfast everyday so I wait to get to the office before I eat or drink anything. By 8am I’m at my desk and ready for breakfast. My go-to breakfast is bircher muesli made with Rude Health, Greek yoghurt, fresh berries and a decent drizzle of Pip & Nut’s Smooth Almond Butter, but at the weekends I love to buy some fresh sourdough from Jolene’s, a brilliant bakery and café next to my house, and slather with nut butter and fresh fruit. I hand on heart still eat our products every single day. l absolutely love the stuff and find the versatility of nut butter means there’s no time in day that doesn’t warrant a spoonful or two.

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I try to run at least three times a week, which I try to squeeze in before work. I’ve tried other things like yoga, spinning, hiit but for me there is nothing like the freedom of putting my trainers on and heading out the door and exploring London. I just completed the Amsterdam Marathon this year and now my sights are set on running the Rome marathon in March 2020. My training normally involves doing two to three shorter runs in the week and then I try to get a long run in at the weekend. This can take me all around London from Victoria Park right the way over to Richmond Park.

My skincare regime is really simple. I’m a big fan of Aesop and use their Fabulous Facial Cleanser and Primrose Hydrating Facial Skin moisturiser. I’ve got slightly dry, sensitive skin and this moisturiser smells beautiful but feels gentle and light on my skin, and it’s all natural!

I tend to dip in and out of mindfulness. During particularly stressful periods at work I’ll use the app ‘Calm’ which has 15 minute mindfulness sessions that can focus on anything from anxiety to gratitude. I’ve also been on a Transcendental meditation course too, which is a daily practice which uses simple breathing techniques and mantras to help calm the mind.

On a day to day basis I try to get in to my office a little earlier than my team which gives me a bit of a head start on the day and enough time to plan my calendar, update my to-list and do any urgent tasks before the day kicks off.

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The Pip & Nut office is based right next to Spitalfields market which is filled with all sorts of delicious street food vendors and cafes. More often than not I’ll head there to grab something for lunch from somewhere in there, like Ahi Poke or my favourite treat being a delicious coconut chicken noodle soup from Laphet.

The pace at work can be pretty intense. My key to making sure I’ve got the energy and headspace is to ensure that I take time for lunch and get out the office regularly so I’m not in back to back meetings. Taking meetings with other business owners or CEOs also helps me stay inspired and learn new things from other businesses which I can then apply to how we do things at Pip & Nut.

I love cooking and have done so for my family from a really early age, so when I’ve got a night in, I find it really helps me wind down to prepare myself or friends a meal. I typically get home at about 7.30/8pm so I’ll dip into my ever-expanding collection of recipe books – I’m particularly enjoying Ottolenghi’s Simple at the moment – but if I need to do something quick from the store cupboard my go to is either a simple Daal or Spaghetti alla Puttanesca with a green salad.

I’m not a massive drinker but I really enjoy a glass or two of pinot noir or sauvignon blanc.

I know that screens before bed is naughty and I’m trying to train myself to leave my phone in my kitchen rather than on my bedside table. If I’m being particularly good I’ll try to read a few pages of a book of which I’m currently reading Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that you’ll also catch me scrolling through Instagram or checking out our slack channel.

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I don’t take supplements. I try to eat a balanced diet and look to get my vitamins through the food I eat. I’m a big believer if making sure I eat my 5 a day.

I like to get a massage every so often, or if my weeks been totally crazy I might wind down by doing a restorative yoga session at Down to Earth in Islington. I get a wax every month and I love treating myself to a pedicure as I love the pampering!

At our last team away day we did a team sound bath. Probably one of the most unusual things I’ve done but so relaxing.

Over the years I’ve found I’ve focussed much more on my mental health, something which when I was younger I never really paid much attention to, but it’s so incredibly important and vital that when you’re leading a team and growing a business you’re supporting yourself with coaching, therapy and talking to others about how you are feeling to ensure you bring the best of you to both your work and also at home. T

Taking time away from the buzz of London is absolutely vital for me too. Over the summer I spent three weeks walking the entirety of the Cornish South West Coastal Path. It was absolute heaven and I’ve never felt so revived and healthy after spending so long in the great outdoors. I plan to walk  the rest of the South West Coastal Path later this year.


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