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Square Enix

You ever stop to think about the sheer amount of franchises, titles and game ideas we collectively know?

The fact that as the ninth generation finds its footing, that’s over 30 years’ worth of primordial video game focus testing; which IPs, characters and game mechanics aren’t just profitable, but enough to endear millions of us to the word “gamer”, to the point where we’ll let the industry gross billions of dollars every single day.

Ultimately, it comes down to the right core idea. Money doesn’t mean anything if the mentality behind a title’s creation is sour.

Just contrast the almost-Square-Enix-killing bomb that was the Avengers with the ramshackle garage band experiment that became Among Us – a title made with heart, by a handful of people, for a fraction of the money, time and effort.

Point being, the industry kicks out a LOT of potential, and it’s only when you look back on the amount of titles we were all collectively looking forward to, that you realise how many didn’t make it.

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