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Movies aren’t always the best subjects for video games, but video games can be wonderful subject matter for movies and other series. In the realms of sci-fi, fantasy, and even horror, games have played a unique role in telling a visual story, especially when said games are the movie’s own creation.

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One would think with the popularity of these films and shows that adapting their fictitious games would be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, most of these titles are bound to the worlds of movies, TV, and literature. Until some up-and-coming developer decides to go the extra mile, players can only dream of these virtual creations.

9 Stay Alive (Stay Alive)

If the evil spirit of the Blood Countess is taken out of the equation, the titular gruesome and gory survival horror game “Stay Alive” is quite an ambitious idea. An RPG where players create characters, choose weapons, and take on monsters in a haunted house sounds like an excellent idea that would sell dozens of copies, yet its understandable why this one didn’t get a release.

With all that in mind, there are elements of the game presented in modern titles like Resident Evil and others, so the flow of influence works both ways. Even so, there’s something personal about putting oneself into the horror story. There’s definitely an audience for it.

8 Project 5 (The Lawnmower Man)

Pierce Brosnan and Jeff Fahey in The Lawnmower Man

The Lawnmower Man had little to nothing to do with the original Stephen King short story, but it did have some interesting concepts. At the time, the CGI world of the virtual reality project was both frightening and creative, albeit a little dated by today’s standards. Even so, the idea of a personal universe in a virtual world is something any Oculus Rift owner would love to play with.

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While most players could probably do without the inclusion of psychedelic drugs in their gaming experience, a modern-day alternative might allow for some truly creative visuals and building mechanics if the right development choices were made. The result might be a strange hybrid of Minecraft, Little Big Planet, and Dreams, but in theory, it could work.


7 Space Paranoids (Tron)

Title art for Space Paranoids from Tron

Anything developed by Kevin Flynn would probably do decently well in a real-world video game market, but given the technology currently available, there’s no excuse for a mainstream version of “Space Paranoids” not to exist. While the Tron arcade game did get a sort of top-down variation, a real version of Flynn’s breakout hit is not only plausible but possible.

Often imitated but never duplicated by fan programmers and industry developers alike, a true version of the game was never actually sold to fans. With so many indie gamers in love with all things retro, it’s quite shocking to think no one has thought to bring the world of the Game Grid to life in a true video game form outside of a spinoff or movie tie-in.

6 Jumanji (Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle)

the five main characters looking scared in Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle

While the sequel to the Robin Williams classic did get a tie-in game, it was nothing like what a Jumanji video game should be at all, let alone like what was presented in the film. A true title inspired by the infamous board game would need to go a bit darker into its jungles, but the potential is definitely there.

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A true game adaptation of Jumanji should take inspiration from the Far Cry series, and toss in some RPG and customization elements for good measure. The material is all there, but the right developer has to lead it in the right direction.

5 Ninja Ninja Revolution (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World)

Scott and Knives play a game in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Of all the games that could have real-world implications, the DDR-inspired fighting game being played by Scott and Knives looks way more fun than the neon-fueled fever dream that inspired it. In retrospect, it makes more sense that a ninja game would have a control scheme dedicated to swiftness and accuracy.

It not only sounds like a good idea in concept, but it also looks downright irresistible to play. there would be lines half a mile long to give one of these machines a try. The title might be a tad derivative, but it definitely fits the classic gaming aesthetic the movie was going for.

4 YGGDRASIL (Overlord)

Ainz Ooal Gown and his subordinates

Video games in anime are nothing new, but there’s something extra special about the over-the-top fantasy realm presented in OverlordWhile a real-world alternative might not be as complex and lifelike as YGGDRASIL, it’s very easy for many gamers to lose themselves in other worlds, no matter the genre.

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A real-world equivalent could be any typical fantasy RPG from WoW to Runescapebut the game presented in the series feels like a grand and glorious amalgamation of all manner of titles in the genre. It’s no wonder Momonga wound up spending literally his life in the game.

3 Hero’s Duty (Wreck-It Ralph)

While it’s more likely that Disney fans will see a recreation of  “Sugar Rush” rather than the FPS-inspired title that unleashes the Cybugs, it would be interesting to see what Disney Interactive could do if they were tasked with creating a genuine shooter. Granted, alien gore is a lot easier to get away with an E10+ to T rating than the real deal, but it would still be a feat for the studio to create.

Whether playing as the movie’s FPS robot character or (preferably) stepping into the steel-toed boots of Sergeant Calhoun, the guns-blazing action of “Hero’s Duty” would be an absolutely stellar shooter experience.

2 The Holodeck (Star Trek Series)

It might be slightly cheating including the Enterprise’s holographic simulation program on the list, but consider a few of the instances the Holodeck is used. It could be used as a fighting simulation for combat training, a living novel with fictional characters to interact with, or even something as simple and comedic as Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Sir Issac Newton all playing a game of poker.

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For all intents and purposes, the Holodeck is by definition a video game. It’s a system that provides a simulated environment for mostly recreational purposes. Even Captain Picard enjoys roleplaying as his favorite detective in essentially a visual novel. Simply put, it’s as immersive as games can possibly get – even with the Holodeck’s occasional malfunctions.

1 The Oasis (Ready Player One)

Because one game just isn’t enough, the top spot goes to The Oasis from Ernest Cline’s Ready Player OneBoth versions of Haliday’s magnificent virtual world in the book and the film are essentially a gamer’s dream come true, allowing worlds upon worlds to explore.

If players can dream it, they can do it in The Oasis, whether that’s climbing a mountain with Batman or duking it out with giant robots on a hostile planet. Needless to say, the virtual world would be impossible to create unless a miracle happened in the gaming industry or licensing entities all came to some sort of magical agreement. Players will just have to keep on dreaming it would seem.

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