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Photography video games provide a whole lot of fun for adults, but they’re also one of the most creative and relaxing games for kids too. Thanks to these imaginative creations, gaming fans can explore our world in more detail as well as striking fantasy lands in an engaging and memorable way.

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These games are not only for photography lovers but for any gamer who enjoys mood-boosting games with stunning visuals and fun stories. Fans can choose to get lost in realistic worlds or explore completely different ones filled with wonder and magical creatures. While photography games usually have imaginative gameplay they’re also usually pretty chill and aim to provide a calming and entertaining experience for all types of gamers.

8 The Good Life

The Good Life is one of the most charming RPG mystery video games set in England. This murder mystery game has great graphics with a fun story and a cool main character, Naomi. Naomi is a journalist in serious debt, so she decides to take a job in Rainy Woods where she’ll have to take photos and solve the small town’s mystery.

The players control her character and have to help her discover why the town’s residents turn into animals at night and more importantly find out which one of them is the murderer. Things get really fun when Naomi’s character can also turn into a cat which players will still be able to control to further investigate while exploring the game’s fascinating open world.

7 Afrika

Afrika is a breathtaking photography adventure game that’ll surely provide an unforgettable experience to all its players. This safari and simulation photography game is one of the best games for animal lovers thanks to its beautiful graphics and unique gameplay.

Thanks to Afrika players can become wildlife photojournalists and explore the wonders of Africa. This captivating game has beautiful and realistic visuals both when it comes to its landscapes and animals. While its gameplay is fairly easy it’s still an entertaining game for more experienced gamers too because of the singular experiences it provides.

6 Umurangi Generation

Umurangi Generation is a great choice for those players who love exploring some of the best video game cities while getting fully emerged in fascinating stories. This first-person sci-fi photography game is set in a vibrant retro-future and is about becoming a great photographer.

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It’s a multi-award-winning game and deservedly so since it has unique visuals and imaginative gameplay. Players will have to take lots of photos, and good ones too if they want to advance since each of their photos will be harshly judged. Thanks to its bounty system and other fun challenges players can actually learn more about photography, composition, and color, and even develop their personal style.

5 Snapshot

Snapshot is a charming indie adventure game that’s perfect for casual gamers too who are looking for an upbeat photography game. Players will get to control a cute robot who is alone in a strange world and has only his camera to get him through the adventure.

Snapshot has a unique photography mechanic that players will have to use to remove, stop, and preserve obstacles by taking photos of them. Players will also have to solve fun puzzles and uncover secrets while going through the game’s different levels and imaginative environments.

4 New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap is a first-person photography game and is one of the most entertaining Nintendo switch games for all types of gamers. Players get to explore the beguiling and colorful world of Pokemon while watching them in their natural habitat and of course, take cool shots of them.

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Players will also have to research the various types of Pokemons who inhabit these lush jungles and other beautiful parts of the island while helping Professor Mirror uncover an unusual mystery that causes these Pokemon to have a special glow.

3 Firewatch

While Firewatch is not a through and through photography game but a first-person adventure mystery game, however, photography still plays an important part in the game and makes its gameplay more unique. Players will control a character named Henry who is a fire lookout who works alone in the Wyoming wilderness.

Henry can only take a few photos during his adventures by using a disposable camera but the in-game shots can be turned into real-life photo prints. Thanks to this unique photography feature as well as Firewatch‘s gripping story and gorgeous landscapes this game is a must-play for photography lovers.

2 Beasts of Maravilla Island

Beasts of Maravilla Island is a beautiful indie adventure photography game set in magical fantasy jungles. Players will get to explore this stunning environment as well as its fifty remarkable creatures and plants while taking photos to share their knowledge with the world. It’s one of the most magical photography games with supernatural creatures that’s a great choice for casual and avid gamers alike.

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Players will not only have to explore the area and its inhabitants but will also be able to learn more about photography since they can choose how to adjust their shots as well as pick the best ones to perfectly curate their photo book.

1 Eastshade

Eastshade is one of the most popular adventure photography games in which players can become painters and capture the weird and wonderful world that surrounds them. This stunning game mixes real-life with fantasy beautifully and lets players explore its breathtaking world freely.

Players will have to explore and uncover secrets but can also make new friendships with the creatures who inhabit this magical area and help them out when needed. It’s a peaceful and calming story-rich game in which players’ actions strongly influence the world around them. Thanks to its creative gameplay and groundbreaking world-building it will be an immensely entertaining gaming experience for casual and experienced gamers too.

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