7 Tips to Improve your Day-to-Day Car Park Operations

To have a clear understanding of the day-to-day car park operations, you need to put in place effective methods that guarantee efficiency. Look at it from the angle of your employees’ welfare, public health, and implement parking payment systems making it easy for clients to come in and out.

Here are some of the tips

1. Understand The Technology

You must be up-to-date with the latest technology running your operations. Before the implementation stage, make sure you are using the latest technology. None of your clients will forgive you for using old technology, which instead of improving the business operations leads to loss of customers and revenue.

2. Safety and Health Standards

Most car park owners do not take health and safety seriously. They push it behind in the name of making profits. Consistent checks on the performances of your equipment to determine its efficiency should be part of routine maintenance.

The performance of your car park operation should take place in a safe environment. Maintenance at the right time reduces repair costs. In some instances, a poorly run machine can cause more damage to customers because of a breakdown.

3. Employ Professionals

A business will hire security guards and assign them the tasks of managing car park operations. Every job has its rightful owner, therefore get a professional operator to get the best out of your investment. Compare the waiter and cabin crew who seemingly perform similar tasks, but one is capable of helping your life when emergency strikes. The same way you cannot put the plane steward on the category of serving food they have more training on life skills.

Using the wrong person to manage the car park facility will surely mess you up when caught in a challenging situation. How can such an individual handle a client confronting him during an emergency? Save the situation by getting the right professionals who can work with the system and deliver. Customer service requires a person who is capable of listening and solving clients’ problems. Use the best skilled-professional to maintain repeat customers.

4. Adjust Parking Fees Accordingly

You can set fees according to the peak and off-peak seasons to maximise the total revenue collection. Parking fee adjustment depends on the following, competitor offers, type of client, and the daily demand. Do not ruin the business by imposing high rates that will chase the customers away.

Introduce different packages such as long term or short term parking facilities, seasonal tickets, commercial rates, residential rates, weekend service, or anything creative.

5. Use Attractive Payment Platforms

Give your customers something for them to enjoy parking at your premises. All your revenue collection platforms should offer convenience through different channels, such as the use of money, credit cards, value cheque, and mobile transfer.

6. Guard Your Revenue against Manipulation

Ticket manipulation is one famous approach to reducing revenue collection. For example, a client with two cars can avoid paying for overstaying charges by driving in on another vehicle, obtains a ticket and drives off without paying incurring charges.

Install the Automatic Number Plate Reader to stop such activities. The reader links the ticket to the vehicle eliminating chances of manipulation.

7. Use Audit Trails and Control Processes

Revenues will leak if you have no means of tracking every transaction that takes place during operations. Revenue loss may be linked to equipment failure or staff shortage that generally stops business operations. Avoid the negative balances by implementing audit and control processes.

You can use a segregation reconciliation approach through collection agents, a central cashier, and an operation team to facilitate reports comparisons. The cashier’s office can manage the revenues coming from all car park operations such as vending machines, car wash or any other service rendered by the facility. Staff access levels should be in place to control how far a particular staff can go in accessing payment machines.

Improving revenue collection should result in blind reconciliation where no employee in the cash office knows how much the next office has collected. Running car park operations efficiently will improve revenue collection.

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