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7 Ridiculously Hard Boss Battles Hiding In Easy Video Games – WhatCulture

In the wonderful world of internet culture, difficult games are highly revered. Managing to complete Dark Souls without levelling your character, completing any Halo campaign on Legendary, XCOM on Ironman, Hardcore Fallout. Hell mode, critical mode, speed-runs – we just love to make things harder for ourselves so that we can enjoy that sweet victory brag to our peers.

However, now and then, it’s great to just relax after a hard day at work milking the content cow, put the slippers on, and enjoy a carefree, easy game. The likes of Minecraft and Stardew Valley are great for forgetting all your real life problems for a couple of hours, and are simple enough that you won’t be breaking any controllers trying to complete them.

Or… so you think.

Some games masquerade as easy, lulling you into a false sense of security and then hit you with a boss fight so ridiculous that you’ll be scrambling to boot up Dark Souls for a respite. The games themselves are easy, simple to learn, but perhaps taking time to truly master, and each with one standout encounter that truly doesn’t belong.


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