50 happiest photos of the year from around the world named by photography app

A series of images capturing moments of joy around the world have been unveiled as part of a contest to find the “50 happiest photos of the year”.

The #Happiness2020 competition, launched by photography app Agora, received more than 16,750 entries capturing everything from touching family moments to friends laughing together. In other photos, animals can be seen enjoying themselves.  

One photograph, captured in Hoi An, Vietnam, shows a 95-year-old couple known as “the happiest couple in the village” sharing a moment as the wife kisses her husband on the cheek. 

Another photo taken by @meloyphotography in the Philippines shows a teenage boy wearing makeup, decorative face paint and a colourful woman’s turban. 

According to the photographer, the boy in the photograph was being bullied for being “black and gay” but “despite all the humiliation he still stands for his rights and fights for what he believes in.” 

“No matter how hard life is, no matter how the world treats you, we should be able to be happy,” the photographer said. “Because happiness comes from within.” 

The entries also include a baby elephant splashing itself with water at Cologne Zoo in Germany, a scene that the photographer @a.rosenthal said she watched for almost two hours, as well as a photo of two dogs running on the beach. 

The 50 finalist photos, narrowed down from thousands of submissions from both amateur and professional photographers, showcase talent from 19 different countries across five continents.

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In a short video compilation of the 50 finalists, Agora states: “#Happiness2020 is not what do you have, but who you have around you.”

The #Happiness2020 competition is now asking app users to vote for their favourites from the finalists and help the guest judge decide who will be named the #Happiness2020 hero. The winner will be unveiled on 2 January.


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