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These days, you can pay for various goods and services without using your traditional currency. With Bitcoin and other altcoins, you now have the ability to shop for all the things you love, including video games.

But where exactly can you buy your favorite video games using Bitcoin online? Find out below.

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While you can’t purchase video games directly using Bitrefill, you can use it to buy gaming gift cards, which you can then spend on the games you love. Bitrefill offers a number of great gift cards that suit any kind of gamer, whether you use an Xbox, Playstation, or Steam for your PC. You can even buy gift cards for Google Play if you’re more into smartphone gaming.

On top of this, you can buy gift cards on Bitrefill for any amount. Simply enter how much money you want to put onto the gift card, pay with your Bitcoin, and you’ll instantly get the gift card code which you can then use to buy games.

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BitPay is an awesome crypto payment processing app that lets you use your crypto funds to buy games, among several other things. BitPay offers secure yet easy-to-use desktop and smartphone apps and even a browser extension, all of which are free to download. This comes with a BitPay card for all your crypto shopping needs.

You can buy games using Bitcoin via the BitPay app by topping your card up with funds and then buying games or gaming gift cards via any vendor that accepts BitPay at checkout. You can take a look at BitPay’s list of supported brands to find out exactly where you can use it for your gaming needs.


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Keys4Coins allows you to use your crypto to buy both game keys and gaming gift cards. Choose from thousands of games on Steam and hundreds on Origin, or get yourself a gift card instead. The platform accepts a range of different cryptos, including Bitcoin and even Bitcoin Cash, meaning you can grab your most wanted games without a typical credit or debit card.

After purchasing a game key on Keys4Coins, you’ll instantly get the redeemable game key via email, so you won’t have to deal with any frustrating waiting times after making your payment.

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Joltfun offers over 22,000 games from ten different platforms, all of which you can buy using Bitcoin. You can find games on Steam, Xbox Live, Playstation, Origin, and many other platforms, plus you can pay via Lightning transactions for a speedier confirmation process. Alternatively, you can pay using your Bitcoin on-chain, but there’s a chance this will take a little longer in certain circumstances.

You’ll get your keys in your email inbox as soon as your payment is confirmed, and almost all keys are sent mere seconds after completing your transaction at checkout.

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Kinguin’s gaming marketplace uses BitPay to process payments in Bitcoin and many other cryptos. The platform lets you buy game keys and other valuable software like Microsoft Office and Windows 10 without traditional payment methods. You can even pre-order keys for the most anticipated games so that you’re first in line on the release date.

Kinguin supports a range of different platforms, including Steam, Epic Games, Xbox, and Origin, and keeps your keys in your account inventory after your purchase. The site often has a lot of great sales going on, too, so check it out if you’re looking to grab some of your favorite games at a possibly lower price than usual.

Your Bitcoin Can Now Enrich Your Gaming Experience

Using your Bitcoin, you can now buy game keys, gift cards, and other software without the need for regular cash. Whether you’re big on crypto payments or just giving it a try for the first time, the platforms above allow you to use your digital funds to grab an old classic, secure a pre-order, or find something entirely different for your next gaming session.

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