5 Useful Relationship Tips For “Dating to Marry” Couples

5 Useful Relationship Tips For "Dating to Marry" Couples

How often do you hear the phrase, “dating to marry”? It can be often heard from the marrying age group ranging from 25-30 year-olds and beyond. People within this cluster tend to want to settle down already and build their own families. Hence, dating becomes a serious endeavor, and most of the time, fooling around is no longer an option.

However, dating someone hoping to find that one true love seems too rare these days; it has somehow become one of those cliché-ish kinds of ideals that most people wish to attain. However, despite how difficult it is to have, some people are lucky enough to find one and be happily married.

Should you decide to get your relationship to the next level, then “dating to marry” must be the path you need to take. It is an unusual territory but is also the place where your relationship should start flourishing more. As such, here are some valuable tips to help you become one of the fortunate ones who finds that rare thing that is true love.  

Initiate Intimate Moments Mutually

Intimacy is a core foundation in every relationship. And if the goal is to settle down and build a happy family, then initiating intimate moments has become more significant. It is also crucial to note that showing affection through romantic gestures should be vice versa.

For instance, you noticed that your partner had a rough day, your warm hugs might just be the answer. In the same way, when you are down, there is this unspoken connection between you two that would give your partner the signal to come and warm you up.

Intimacy can also go further than just simple hugs and loving making during stressful times. Giving each other an option for satisfaction when one isn’t around can be helpful too. Hence, you can try venturing into self-service toys such as vibrators for women and masturbators like autoblow penis milker for men. These serve as  good warm-ups until you arrive.

Have Common Visions and Dreams

Laying out your visions and dreams is crucial in creating a path to your desired future as husband and wife. It will help you find your way in dealing with matters that concern your marriage and the family you are trying to build.

As such, it would be best to share your individual opinion about your plans for the future and thoroughly discuss what would be best and what would be not. Once you come into agreement, you are now a step away from a successful relationship adventure.

Build a Stronger Foundation

Relationships won’t survive on love alone as a foundation. Arguably, love has a vast meaning, yet most people understand it as a singular attribute. In fact, most people would give varying definitions when you ask them what love is for them.

Hence, when it comes to the bedrock of the relationship, most people believe that friendship is one of the best foundations. Some also say building a stronger foundation is the accumulation of all the small things you do for each other.

For example, the consistent good mornings, opening doors, making him coffee, taking care of each other when sick, the warm hugs during lonely hours, etc. Thus, if marrying is your goal, you have to discover your own meaning of love, be the best of friends, and continue doing those little things. In time, you might not notice; your bond has become more substantial.

Listen to Each Other Effectively

More than communicating how you feel, becoming the listening ear is more impactful, they say. Not many people are calm enough just to listen and let the other person vent out. Some would listen but not hear a single thing. It is most appreciated when you listen to hear.

Have Financial Agreement

A part of paving a better future for both of you is to talk about your finances. You should have an open mind and love each other enough to understand where your finances will go in the future. You can plan for a house, a car, an educational plan for your children, or put up a start-up business.

Moreover, the financial aspect of the relationship is an essential pillar in building a solid foundation. You need to understand its importance and not take it for granted. The wife, in general, manages finances while the husband provides for the family. It can also be vice versa or both. Hence, a financial agreement is an essential discussion between couples.


“Dating to marry” is cliché but it is also a reality to some people. It is a cliché since most people are stuck to dating or have come to peace with not dating at all. However, please make no mistake; it is an exciting journey for people eager enough to fight for their relationships.

When your time finally comes, when you are dating someone again, this time for the purpose of marrying them, cherish it. Another chance may never come. Save it. Fight for it. More importantly, love like it’s your first time loving.

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