5 trends from London Fashion Week that we'll all be wearing next spring and beyond

We know, it might feel like a bit of a weird time to be looking ahead to next year’s spring/summer fashion trends when 2020 is still proving to be one of the biggest roller-coasters of our lifetime (as we write this the restrictions and measures surrounding Covid have tightened up again for six months). However, if fashion month so far has taught us anything, it’s that we should keep looking ahead with an open mind.

We had no idea what to expect from London Fashion Week this season and yet it seems nothing has got in the way of creativity. If anything, the shows so far have proved that designers have embraced the turbulent times, head on, creating smaller collections during lockdown with a greater emphasis on wearability and longevity. Finally, a fashion week where designers are less focused on creating one season wonders that ruin the planet and more towards evergreen trends that we’ll keep coming back to.

With a predominantly digital showing, some brands like Burberry went for a merge between a real show and an online one, live-streamed from the British countryside without any physical attendees but with a pre-show chat hosted by musician and actor Erykah Badu, all hosted on video site Twitch. Victoria Beckham cancelled her planned ‘salon-style’ catwalk show and instead showed her collection to groups of just three visitors at a time, where guests were handed a Monogrammed silk “VB” face mask. Meanwhile, Bora Aksu was one of the very few designers to show to a real life audience, with models donning organza face masks and guests perched on their own park bench in a Covent Garden church garden.

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Much like the steer towards making the shows more practical, the collections themselves had the same appeal. Many of spring summer 2021’s trends aren’t anything new instead they’re recycled – trends we’ve seen before that are largely easy-wearing and versatile. Pieces you can easily slip into for a night out or night in.

After a year of many formal occasions being cancelled or postponed, many of us have missed the thrill of wearing something extra special. Thankfully, London Fashion Week has shown us we have heaps to look forward to next year with some designers still heralding the age of dressing up. Grown-up chic, timeless pieces worth investing in that you’ll love year after year. A far cry from throwaway fashion as they’ll ever be.

Here are a few of the trends we spotted during London Fashion Week that we’ll all be wearing as soon as spring 2021 hits (and hopefully long after…)


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