5 Things We Learned From Kehlani's Candid Interview About Life and Loss

2020 has been an emotional roller coaster for many people.

Yet, singer-songwriter Kehlani had no clue what a tumultuous year this would be when she first conceptualized her latest album, It Was Good Til It Wasn’t. (How on the nose the album title turned out to be.)

And while this latest musical venture—which dropped back in May amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic—is a high for Kehlani, she has faced some hardships this year, too. For a new profile with Bustle, the “Toxic” singer revealed how she’s persevering through a time of great loss, civil unrest against police brutality and systemic racism and more.

At the same time, Kehlani gave a look into her big heart and shared insight into her love language. “I’ve been able to identify the difference between what is feeding my ego and what is feeding my soul,” she explained to the publication. “Understanding that I feel fuller longer after things like seeing my family on holiday versus how I feel after I buy myself something.”

Here, we compiled some of Kehlani’s most candid quotes for an exclusive first look at the profile. Scroll on to see what she had to say.


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