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5 Performances That Turned Modern Video Games Into Great Comedies –

If only the people at 2K games had seen Gary Oldman’s PSA about how athletes perhaps shouldn’t be acting (he’s even wearing a Basketball outfit, for god’s sakes).


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion shows us that there’s no shame in trying to do better

Oblivion features great acting through and through. Hell, they even hired Sean Bean to die just like he’d die in a movie. There are, however, a few instances of “bad” voice acting here, but it’s less the fault of the actor, and more the fault of the person who uploaded the voice lines to the game. In the scene below, we can hear the actress speak her line, and, even though it wasn’t bad at all, she just gives up and says “ wait a minute, let me do that again” in her normal voice and then goes back to saying the same thing – and it all made it into the final game.


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