5 Harmful Ways Vaping Affects Your Body

5 Harmful Ways Vaping Affects Your Body

Vapes, otherwise known as e-cigarettes, are a new alternative to tobacco cigarettes. They are popular among high school students and teenagers because they are easy to sneak and smoke inside school premises. Disguised as a USB flash drive, they can fit inside the palm of a hand and give off almost no smell, unlike conventional cigarettes. That is why they often go unnoticeable by school authorities, making their consumption higher in teenagers than adults.

But the thrill of it can cost a lot to your body. Vaping affects the body of its host in different ways. Some of which are listed here. 

How do E-cigarettes work?

The name vapes come from the vapourization of the smoking fluid after its heating in the vaporization chamber. For this purpose, an energy source is required which in most cases is a rechargeable battery. When someone inhales from the tip, a valve opens, which causes the smoking fluid to move inside the vaporization chamber resulting in the production of smoke.

They are also used by adults who are trying to give up tobacco smoking as it is relatively safer. Nonetheless, the amount of nicotine in them is enough to cause damage to the respiratory system, along with several other side-effects such as:

1. They Cause Nicotine Sickness

Vapers often report the low intensity but consistent headaches as the most common side effect of vaping. The reason behind headaches from vaping remains unclear as it can be triggered by various factors. One of them is the presence of nicotine, which tightens the blood vessels, thus constricting the blood flow to the brain. This phenomenon is often referred to as nicotine sickness.

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2. Behavioral Problems 

Sometimes the nicotine in the vaping liquid can make you addictive, which can then lead to substance abuse. Teenagers who vape daily are more prone to smoking marijuana, tobacco, cocaine, and alcohol consumption. Because the adolescent brain is much faster in making brain connections via memories than the adult brain. Therefore, teenagers easily indulge in other addictive and destructive habits. Moreover, it also compromises their mental health by disrupting brain chemistry, which gives rise to depression, anxiety, and BPD, etc.

3. Popcorn Lungs

Have you ever heard of the term “popcorn lung”? It is a disease that causes the contraction of the airways, thus disrupting the functioning of the respiratory system. Doctors and medical experts have linked it to the inhalation of diacetyl used for adding flavor to the smoking fluid. Most alarmingly, popcorn lungs is an irreversible obstructive lung disease that also scars the tissues of the said organ.

4. Heart Diseases

Daily smoking of e-cigs has demonstrated a triggered increase in heart and blood pressure after taking a puff. Although considered a safer option as compared to tobacco smoking, researchers claim that vaping is equally dangerous for cardiovascular health.

Vaping also puts you in a vulnerable spot for having a stroke, heart attack, and angina than non-smokers. 

5. Oral Health

Aerosols and other chemicals inhaled through vaping accelerate the harmful bacterial activity on teeth surfaces. This, in turn, causes oral cavities and other dental diseases. In addition to this, some studies associate smoking of e-cigs with gum inflammation, damage to oral cells and tissues, and throat irritation.

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Vaping, even though portrayed as a safe smoking option is still extremely harmful for. If you or someone you know uses e-cigarettes then make a serious effort of quitting it all together through either medication or therapy.

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