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The last decade has seen the term ‘inclusion’ migrate over from industries such as fashion to beauty. Gone are the days where you can enter a department store and stand before a makeup counter with a slew of pale to beige shades with merely a difference in hue.

Brands are now not only representing a vast majority of skin tones, but undertones, too. As consumers are more aware than ever, the pressure on brands is on to create extensive shade ranges with realistic, aesthetically pleasing and photo-ready formulas.

Skin is in, but in order to achieve this even-toned base, an undertone must be carefully and precisely selected. Warm, neutral and cool are the most common terms widely associated with undertones and foundations in particular. Having dark skin, I am no stranger to the complexity of selecting the perfect product that will provide me with an excellent finish and more significantly, make me look like – me.

It’s been a tough road but after much experimentation, I have finally assembled a list of 5 brands that truly understand undertones and the essence of complexion perfection.


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