4 Cryptocurrency Jobs for Students

4 Cryptocurrency Jobs for Students

It doesn’t matter if one is pursuing literature or engineering, now is the time when students from any stream can try their luck in the crypto sphere. Times have changed and so have the kinds of jobs. If you are in search of fresh openings, this article today will be of importance to you. Here is a list of 5 types of cryptocurrency career opportunities for young and skilled students.

Data Scientist

Blockchain technology is comparatively a new development. Hence, all experts and analysts believe that most of the blockchain applied sectors seldom understand the technology to its core. This is a reason why although many new companies have sprouted, they are in dire need of data science experts.

  • Your job will mostly center around transaction data analyzing, to assist engineers associated with the company.
  • Good communication and analytical skills are required in this field. If you hold a Master’s degree in data science or computer science, you stand a good chance of becoming a data scientist.
  • You would make around $110,000 per year.

Crypto Journalist

All the hype that is there involving cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is because of journalists. With the increase in cryptocurrency use cases, magazines and newspapers are looking out for sensible college pass-outs who can cover almost everything crypto.

  • There is a variety of reporting work that keeps a journalist busy. Your job would majorly require you to keep yourself updated about the cryptocurrency world and produce the latest news materials for your company.
  • Starting with an internship is a good idea to enter the media scene. Other than that if you have a degree in journalism or communication or any other equivalent field, you are good to apply for a position.
  • You would make around $38,000 per year but the pay depends on the media house you are working for.

Marketing Manager

Anything in the market is based on demand and supply. Those cryptocurrencies usually succeed which make themselves known. The entire job of reaching out to its potential users and strategizing is done by marketing managers.

  • Your job will be to estimate the demands of the market and maintain a balanced supply of services. You have to compare values, keep a track of trends and come up with strategies that would benefit your company.
  • Most aspiring marketing managers hold a Bachelor’s degree but they essentially need to be both analytical and creative. However, experience plays a big role in this sector so you might have to start with basic marketing and promotions initially before bagging the post of manager.
  • Once you are there, you would make somewhat around $125,000 per year. 

Web Developer

Web developers are practically the backbone of cryptocurrency companies. They are the ones who generate codes and work on smart contracts that help a transaction to complete itself without the need of any third party, as cryptocurrency functions on a decentralized network.

  • Your job will majorly revolve around coding and Blockchain technology. You have to get used to a fast-paced work set-up as digital currency is evolving every day. You also have to work on various computer languages like Java, Python, or Solidity.
  •  To become a web developer, you at least need to be a graduate in computer applications. Heads up if you have a diploma in any of these computer languages.
  • Expect a pay of around $66,000 per year, plus incentives.

Opportunities are indeed endless, and the pro is that as of now Crypto is still growing and developing almost every second. A good entry to this world would be through online cryptocurrency Softwares at this website where you would be able to trade in crypto and also save something up for yourself.


The bottom line is that you constantly have to look up cryptocurrency updates, announcements, and crypto jobs that suit you so that you have a good future ahead of yourself.

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