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Cat Daddy Games was born in 1996. Since then, how has the studio changed and how has the video game industry changed? Are you where you thought you would be now?

Harley: We were so much smaller back then!

Pat: One of the constants in this industry is change. Platforms come and go, new technologies come and go, and players identify and seek new experiences in line with the times. Cat Daddy positions himself to be agile, adopt new strategies, new platforms, technologies and experiences.

Harley: You could say that the biggest change has been the move to mobile … contained experiences that you can keep in your pocket and play in your free time. One of the most recent changes has been to the live operations side of the games. It’s not about what’s new in the latest update, it’s about what’s new today and this week. With our titles, we are meeting these new expectations, so when players open our apps, there is always something new to experience.

In your opinion, what is it that makes your video games different from the others?

Pat: We spend a lot of time meeting the expectations of fans of entire generations. With the WWE SuperCard, for example, there is content for all types of WWE fans. From people who grew up with ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage to families who see every week what Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins are up to.

Harley: We try to put a little of everything in our games. To reach people so much that they only have five minutes to play, even those who want to spend hours enjoying our experiences. One of the challenges is finding a way to bridge this gap and make our games a constant hobby.

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