25 best baths salts to elevate bath time and help you relax

Wait, what? You never add bath salts to your bath? Well, for those of you that are new to the epsom salt tribe, what I’m about to share with you is going to transform your bath from an overhyped, uncomfortably hot and laborious task to a spa-like, self-care experience. Many of us have grown a love affair with baths, or shall we call it a journey into bathscaping. Lockdown has allowed us to dedicate more time to that level of self-care, and in this climate it’s really the small things that can bring us the most joy.

In true Marie Kondo fashion, we are keeping the things that bring us the most joy. Baths have been a big part of that, so we have gone a step further and have been stocking up on quite a few, for the next couple of weeks at least. Well, until life gets a little more busy and there is less time to soak up on a good candle-lit warm bath.

What are bath salts?

Bath salts are most commonly made out of magnesium sulphate (otherwise known as Epsom salt) or sea salt. The beauty of them is that once thrown in warm bath water, they are easily dissolved and they are believed to carry many health benefits: both physical and psychological.

What are the benefits of bath salts?

Ok, so why exactly do we need them? Well, a lot of us use bath salts to enhance our bath experience and to make it as relaxing and comforting as humanly possible, the health benefits are a very welcomed bonus. The most popular uses are to soothe muscle pain and stiffness, which a lot of people working from home have been suffering from, especially for those who don’t have good office chairs in their WFH arrangement. They are also useful to soothe aching joints including mouse fingers (the ache you can feel after hours of having your fingers wrapped around a computer mouse) as well as more severe aches like arthritis.

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Mixing the bath salts on a warm bath may also help with settling dry and itchy skin and calm more harsh skin conditions such as eczema. Bath salts not only seem to alleviate posture issues but are also known to tackle things like that dreadful postpartum discomfort on the body.

Amongst those, you will find that bath salts have the power to mildly alleviate circulation problems and headaches too. As far as psychological health benefits, many people claim to use bath salts to subdue their anxiety and stress, as it makes bathing a very relaxing and calming experience.

Where can I buy bath salts from?

Now where do you start looking? We have rounded up our top 25 bath salts available to buy right now, from the most affordable to the most luxurious options. Alternate or mix between them for an extra luxe experience that you will never get bored of.


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