24 thoughts we *all* had during the first episode of Game of Thrones season eight

The first episode of Game of Thrones season 8 finally arrived this week after a very long two years. The eighth and final series is only six episodes, so each one has to pack in A LOT and last night did not disappoint. We had plenty of awkward moments (looking at you, Bran), a few sexy scenes classic of GOT and many main characters reuniting or meeting for the first time.

We still have an abundance of unanswered questions to be acknowledged in the next five weeks. Here are thoughts and tribulations from the first episode:

1. Where the hell is Daenerys’ entire army and dragons going to sleep at Winterfell?
2. What are the dragons going to eat? (shout-out to Sansa for asking something practical).
3. Jeez Bran, you haven’t seen your bro through non-raven eyes in years – why so weird?

4. How does Daenerys get on that dragon so gracefully?
5. How do they sit on their spikey backs?
7. Pretty sure Drogon just gave Jon Snow sex eyes.

8. “They eat whatever they want” Ooooh shade from Daenerys.
9. Jon and Arya – I’m not crying, you are!
10. “You can buy a whore. You want a Queen – earn her”. Preach it Cersei!
11. How is there not one bead of sweat in the throne room? There’s eight firepits!
12. “That’s disappointing. I was told the Golden Company had elephants” you and me both Cersei!
13. Woah, Bron and gals – that was graphic.
14. Euron – eew.

15. HAHA Euron you ain’t no baby-daddy.
16. Cersei sure is drinking lots of wine for a pregnant lady.
17. Sweet Sam Tarly – let me give you a hug.

18. Earth to Jon! Forget the crown – you just bonked your Aunt!
19. Really doubt the nights-watch could’ve survived the 700ft fall and an army of the dead in the finale of series 7, but OK here they ALL are.
20. Why is everything so damn dark?

21. Ahh no little Lord Umber is pinned to a wall surrounded by limbs!
22. What could this mean…
23. Holy SH*T he has blue-eyes! Set him alight!
24. Bran to Jamie – you ok hun?

Episode 2, come at us.


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