24-Hour Cats Marathon Has 3 Friends Willing to Torture Themselves for Charity

A few brave souls are possibly going to watch Cats on a loop for 24 hours in an attempt to raise money for charity. Released last year by Universal Pictures, director Tom Hooper’s Cats has become something of an internet sensation. Though, not in the way the studio had hoped. It is generally considered to be quite bad and, above that, quite weird. Now, a trio of friends is going to do the unthinkable for a good cause.

Stephen Kendall, Emily Lind, and Kristopher Imperati have started a GoFundMe page that is attempting to raise $15,000 for charity. Specifically, they are looking to raise the money for an organization called Housingworks based in New York City that provides relief for those living with HIV/AIDS. Should they managed to raise the money, the group will watch Cats on an uninterrupted loop for 24 hours straight. Per the GoFundMe page, here’s what they’re putting on the table.

“Steve, Emily, and Kris make bad decisions. They’ve already seen 2019’s Cats in theaters multiple times. Now they want to channel their bad choices into something good! If they can raise $15,000 for Housing Works, they will watch Cats for 24 hours straight and live stream their descent into madness.”

As of this writing, $910 has been raised. The group has also revealed a set of rules they will follow, should the funding goal be met. They will watch Cats on a loop for 24 hours and are only allowed to take breaks during the credits. Friends are allowed to join them, but they must watch Cats. They will live stream the whole event and are allowed to talk over the movie. They also promise that every cent raised will go to Housing Works. Considering they’ve already seen the movie, this could be an extra brutal exercise.

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Cats was one of the most successful Broadway musicals of all time, which is why it’s not surprising that Universal thought it would translate well as a movie. The only truly surprising thing is that it didn’t happen sooner. Unfortunately, the costly movie, which features a bunch of A-list stars done up as CGI cats, has been a total bomb at the box office and currently sits it a very poor 20 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s expected to lose $70 million or more for the studio.

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For those who may be wondering, assuming the funding goal is met, that means Steve, Emily and Kris will have to watch Cats a little more than 13 times. As for Housing Works, they are a healing community of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS that aims to end the issues of homelessness and AIDS. They are an advocacy group that provides lifesaving services, and entrepreneurial businesses that sustain their efforts. Those who wish to see this marathon happen can chip in a few bucks by heading on over to GoFundMe.

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