17 of the best Black-owned Etsy shops to support now and forever

As we edge increasingly closer to the first anniversary of George Floyd’s tragic death, we’re continuing to reflect on a monumental nine months which have shone a desperately-needed light on the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

While we still have a *hell* of a long way to go, we’ve tried to make small and considered changes where we can. We’ve observed, we’ve mourned and we’ve educated ourselves on anti-racism and white privilege with books by Black authors, podcasts and documentaries. But if, like us, you’re constantly asking yourself what more can be done, consider this: reassessing your consumer habits is another great way to show holistic support to the black community.

Take a look around you – how many of your soft furnishings and home decor items have been crafted by independent black sellers? Open your jewellery box. How many of the pieces inside are the result of a black-owned business? If the answer is “few”, it’s time to diversify your home, wardrobe and accessories collections. Enter: our curation of the best Black-owned Etsy stores you’re bound to adore.

Black people are less likely to have access to the economic support they need to fund their business ventures, plus, black-owned brands – as the most vulnerable – have been disproportionally affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Purchases made from outside of black communities can impact potential growth tremendously while also helping to level the playing field. And Etsy is an excellent driver of them.

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If you’re not already familiar, Etsy is a marketplace which prides itself on working with talented creative makers from all over the world, showcasing the work of small and independent sellers and encouraging consumers to support unique, self-made entrepreneurs over multi-million-pound stores. Etsy is also a space where black creators thrive: a hub for diverse artistry, with thanks to the fact that it allows businesspeople of all walks of life to sell their goods to a global audience while maintaining history, heritage and cultural value.

To bring more brilliant and pioneering black-owned Etsy stores to the forefront of your mind and inspire your next independent purchase, we’ve curated an edit of the best black-owned Etsy shops to know about today. From Candice Luter, a made-to-order textiles and homeware company that creates one-of-a-kind art installations that add depth, texture, and coziness to any space – to Lovely Earthlings – a wall art print store that champions women from all walks of life – there really is something for everyone.

Here’s GLAMOUR’s edit of the best black-owned Etsy stores to champion today and forever.


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