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16-Bit ‘Aladdin’, ‘The Lion King’ Video Games Reportedly Getting PC, Console Re-Release – Tech Times

Nighthawk Interactive and Digital Eclipse will re-release 16-bit classics ‘Aladdin’ and ‘The Lion King’ for modern consoles this fall. The games will be bundled in the upcoming ‘Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King’ release for $29.99.  ( Aladdin | IMDb )

Classic 16-bit games Aladdin and The Lion King are reportedly getting a re-release for modern consoles following the box office success of the live-action films.

Game developer Digital Eclipse and publisher Nighthawk Interactive are planning to bundle both retro video games with their Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King release this fall. The title will be made available for the PC, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

News of the re-releases were first reported by Twitter user @wolverinefactor from the GameStop convention.

‘Aladdin’ and ‘The Lion King’ Re-Release

Nighthawk said the Aladdin and The Lion King ports will both feature upscaled graphics to make them more suitable for high-definition displays. They will also have several upgrades to help boost their playability on modern platforms.

Some of the upgrades included in the re-releases are a level select, save states, and infinite lives and invulnerability options. They will also have a rewind feature that will allow players to skip back in the game for up to 15 seconds.

The publisher also boasts a new option where gamers can watch full playthroughs of the games. They will have the ability to skip forward at different points of the game, jump in, and start their playthrough there.

The upcoming Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King will be available in different versions including Game Boy, Super Game Boy, and Sega Genesis release. There will also be a Super NES version of The Lion King to be rolled out.

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Capcom’s Super NES version of Aladdin seems to be missing from the bunch, though the game makers are throwing in the 1993 trade show demo version and a new “final cut” of Aladdin in its stead.

Interested gamers can get their hands on the Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and the Lion King re-releases in physical and digital form for $29.99.

16-Bit Retro Game Classic

While both the Sega Genesis and the Nintendo SNES received their own versions of Aladdin back in the day, gamers and critics alike seem to lean more toward the Sega one as the more superior of the two.

Developed by Virgin Interactive for Sega, the Genesis Aladdin had generally better graphics and more responsive game controls than its SNES counterpart. The port also benefited from additional buttons on the Genesis controller, which allowed players to a couple more attacks other than the basic hop-and-bop actions. This meant that Aladdin can fight off hordes of enemies not only with his trusty sword but with some well-placed apple shots as well.

The overall platforming element in the Genesis version was also much better compared to other ports. This gave the game’s rope climbing, monkey bar grabbing, and ledge-leaping sequences much more fun and exciting.

Here’s to hoping that the Aladdin and The Lion King re-releases will have the same enjoyable gaming experience as these timeless classic.

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