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15 Most Disappointing Video Games of 2024 [First Half] – GamingBolt

Whilst 2024 still has potential to reach the heights of all-timer 2023 in terms of amazing games, this year has had its fair share of disappointment too. A lot of disappointment centres on the anticipation caused by pre-release hype not matching the finished product, especially if the game has been long-awaited or is coming from an esteemed studio.



Firstly, kudos to the young developers behind BodyCam, an FPS dubbed the first ultra-realistic multiplayer shooter to utilise the growing bodycam gimmick – the game looks incredible. Whether fish-eye shooters gain significant popularity remains to be seen but it certainly adds an immersiveness not yet realised in other shooters. However, the novelty wears off quickly – aiming down sights is clunky, game modes are light, guns unwieldy, sound distorted. In short: there’s still a way to go for this early access game.


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