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15 Most Challenging Open World Video Games – GamingBolt

The open-world genre has been a staple of video games ever since technology could seamlessly render huge maps. These days, there’s been no shortage of open-world games, and the genre continues to grow with developers taking more ambitious takes on the formula. While exploration mostly takes center stage in an open world, there’s a lot of fun to be had in games that are quite challenging to master as well. To that effect, here are 15 of the most challenging open-world games. 

Days Gone 

Sony Bend’s latest open-world outing might not have had a flying reception initially, but many fans have come around to appreciating the better parts of the game with post-launch patches and the recent PC port. Days Gone puts players in the shoes of Deacon as he tries to survive the apocalypse. Players will have to remain cautious about their ammunition and fuel resources at all times. There’s also the Zombie Hordes, which can pummel you down in moments if your gear and skills are not up to the mark. Surviving the world of Days Gone is certainly challenging, but for fans of post-apocalyptic games such as this, the challenge is worth taking.


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